Hi, I'm Jessica!

(aka Jess, JRod or anything that makes me sound awesome)

I created Freedom Driven Success out of an unapologetic mission to help purpose-driven businesses amplify their impact and profits through scalable offers, strategic sales funnels and connection-driven marketing.

Why? Because I believe in two things:

1. It’s your responsibility as a change-maker in this world to get your gifts out there to more people who need them.

2. It’s my responsibility to show you how to do it in a way that no longer compromises your personal vision for success or the freedom you started your business to have.

Ready to get started on the journey to a business that finally puts you first? Keep on scrollin’ and let’s get to it!

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Looking for the A-Z path to effectively creating courses that allow you to drop the 1:1 client reliant income rollercoaster, serve more and generate unlimited profits in the process? Let’s get you started on the right foot!

Already know the power of courses and want that power to show in your business as well? Let’s troubleshoot your course together so you can experience just how much your course can impact both your audience and your own business for the better!

You have the course and you have the sales, however; you’re now ready amplify your impact and to step into full freedom driven success?Yes! Let’s create the systems and offer stack that allow you to scale, on autopilot!

Our Mission? To Help You Achieve Yours.


Turn Your 1:1 Expertise Into a Profitable Online Course

Ready to ditch only trading time for money to hit your revenue goals each month and step into a way of business that works FOR you?

Ooooo are you going to love what we have waiting for you on our private podcast feed! 

(And yes, what we teach works even if you’re short on time, have a small audience or don’t consider yourself ‘tech savvy’ 😉)

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