You’ve put in the work to build your email list.

You created the opt in.
You created all the landing pages.
You created the whole funnel behind it.

The only problem?

People aren’t opening your emails, which has you completely frustrated with all the effort you put into it.

If this sounds all too familiar, this week is for you, because we’re going to go into three ways that you could easily increase your email open rates so more people can experience the message you have to share!

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1: Increase Your Email Open Rates by Maximizing Your Welcome Email

As you know, whenever you’re signing up for a list, you get that first welcome mail that gives you the freebie you originally signed up for.

Because of this, this email is typically the email that has the most opens overall in the span of somebody being on your list, because they are ready for you now.

This is why we want to maximize this email.

This is not the time to simply say “hey, thanks for your free XYZ download, here’s the link.” We want to go deeper.

Let’s make that email matter.

In this email, write two to three sentences that clearly explain what you do and why you’re different than others out there in your industry. This is where you want to be bold in your beliefs – no holding back.

This allows you to hold your ground as far as why it is that they should be paying attention to you, what it is that they are going to be getting from you and why your method that is different.

If they agree with your stance, this starts the know/like/trust factor off strong. And as a result, they’re more likely to be excited when they see your name in their inbox again.

More opens for you and more connection for them. Win win!


2: Increase Your Email Open Rates by Cleaning Your List

Now, this is one that most people realize they should probably be doing but it needs to be said because it’s typically not done.


The fear around losing hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of people from your list in the process.

The truth about this is the numbers mean nothing.

If the people on your list don’t actually want what it is that you talking about then having a big list size number just means that.

You have a big list size number.

We want people that are actually looking for what we have and want to be in communication with us.

Cleaning out your list allows you to let go of those who aren’t connecting with you.

Depending on how quickly you’re growing your list and the amount of leads that you’re having come in, you could be doing this on a monthly basis, every 90 day or every 6 months.

3: Increase Your Email Open Rates through Your Past Metrics

This is the time to get your spyglass out and to find the clues from your past metrics.

You can do this by going through the past 90 days of emails and seeing what emails had the highest open rates and which ones had the lowest.

When you look at the emails that people are opening the most…. are they email subject lines that create curiosity? are they ones that are personalized to the person? Are they ones that have emojis in them?

These little things all matter.

If you see a common trend happening with the emails that are being opened the most, this will tell you to create more subject lines that march that format – leading to more opens.

The same thing happens on the flip side.

When looking at the emails that have the lowest open rates, what are the common trends? These are trends that you aren’t going to want to repeat as the proof shows your audience isn’t connecting with them.

This is one of the many reasons why consistency, no matter what it is in your business, always pays off, because you can look back and see exactly what your audience is saying and what they want more of.

And this is going to help your emails get opened more.

Which are you Applying First to Increase Your Email Open Rates?

Okay, so there were three things that you can do this week to increase your open rates, to make sure that the amazing content that you are creating and the funnels that you are building are actually getting out to the people who need to be seeing them.

Which one are you going to start with in your business?

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