You’re in one of two spots when it comes to launching a course, program, membership or other scalable offer in your business…

1. You’re about to start a launch and you wanna make sure you get everything in place before you dive right in.


2. You’ve  just wrapped up a launch and want to maximize the time that you just spent during that launch.

Either way, you’re going to love our focus this week because we are going to dive into the five things that you need to do after every launch in order to really make all of the effort that you just put in work for you.

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Live Launch Success Step #1:  Celebrate

That’s right, celebrate what you’ve just accomplished in your business.

Launching in your business is no easy feat.

You’re putting out more energy, you’re doing more work, and this has brought you a result. Whether you have brought in one new person, a hundred new people or a thousand is irrelevant. Celebrate it.

Need a few starting points of what to celebrate? 

  • Celebrate the people.
    Take a look at each individual name and celebrate them for who they are and the chance that they just took. I don’t care what the price of the investment is, it takes some thinking and trust for people to invest in you during a launch. There is something that is happening and I want to be thankful for that decision that they made for themselves because I know what I do can transform lives and business. And so can what you do.
  • Celebrate yourself.
    How did you show up during that launch? Did you do something that was out of your comfort zone?  Maybe you went live more than usual or you brought on a new team member. Maybe you invested more in paid traffic than you have before and that made you really nervous because you were up-leveling in some way. Maybe you added in some new bells and whistles for your launch that you’re really excited about that you took that chance and tried something different.

This is the time that I want you to celebrate all of that, because this is how success is created. Over and over again, we’re appreciating what we are accomplishing.

Live Launch Success Step #2: Analyze Your Numbers

We want to take a look at your numbers because if you’re launching this offer again or you’re turning to evergreen after this live launch, we want to be able to see what actually happened so we can make the best choices for you.

Did you have a profitable launch or did you just put money in and got some back but don’t know much beyond that?

The numbers always tell the truth.

If you’re in the Achievers Circle, I want you to go to the Ultimate Launch Planner that we have in our Toolbox. We have a full template for launching and on the last page is how to go through this whole numbers review. There’s a lot of numbers that we are checking, and it’s a little bit different for every business, so that will help you navigate it effectively for yours..

If you’re not a member of the Achievers Circle, let me show you some ways that you can get started here, with some numbers that are pretty consistent across the board.

  • How many leads actually came in for this launch?
    In other words, who signed up for the launch content that you had? If it was a challenge, webinar, or email series… how many actual leads came into that?
  • From those leads, how many people purchased?
    This is how you will figure out your conversion percentage. How many people actually bought during this launch? Did you hit a good conversion rate or do you need to work on some things next time to get that higher?
  • What are your expenses?
    Have you done any paid advertising or outsourced elements of the launch to your team? We’ll want to know this too so we can see what the actual profit was.
  • How much total revenue was generated?
    This number includes all revenue – including payment plans, upsells and/or downsells.
  • What’s your profit?
    Revenue minus expenses. Once we have this number, you can make informed decisions around both the launch and the offer. If you see that you did A LOT of work, to only profit $200, you’ll want rethink your next launch. Do you need an upsell or downsell offer? If the conversion rate was high, is this simply a matter of needing more people in?

With this information on hand, you’ll be able to identify what to keep and what to let go of so that you can make each launch more profitable than the last.

Live Launch Success Step #3: Analyze Your Effort and Energy

This is something I always suggest to those I work with when they are in a launch period.

You’ll want to keep a notebook on hand and jot down how you are feeling throughout your launch

If you feel that your energy is starting to drain or that you’re getting frustrated, overwhelmed or fearful, write it down. If you’re feeling extra excited, energetic or celebratory, write it down.

The goal is to be aware of, and write down, the high highs or low lows.

By doing this, you’ll be able to find your own secret sauce to make launching easier for you as a business owner.

For example, this exercise started to show that after five days of consistent live streaming, I get over it. I don’t know what it is about me, however; instead of trying to “figure it out” or force myself into something I didn’t want to do, I simply used this knowledge to change my approach for launching.

I began turning my five day challenges to three days so that my energy could stay high and shortened my cart open time. It drastically changed my conversion rates because I was able to show up as my full self.

Before I was tracking my emotional highs and lows, I would forget they happened and it caused me to continue to repeat launch actions that didn’t serve me.

The same happens to the women I work with. Once we are able to see how they respond to launching, we can create a customized plan that aligns with who they are and how they work best.

This comes down to the times of the day they have the most energy for a live stream, if they do better having all their email content done in advance or on the fly and so many other details!

You have your own launch success formula inside of you as well.

Live Launch Success Step #4: Give Yourself a Post-Launch Break

Yep, it’s time to take some time off!

I typically recommend 2-3 days of unplugging from your business, that are scheduled in advance.

This time gives you a way to get back to you after all the excitement that just happened.

(And yes, this also includes those who bake a lot of self-care time into their launches like I do.)

No matter what, during a launch, you’re putting out a different energy. You’re showing up more. You’re answering more questions. You’re doing things that you typically don’t do in a given business week or month.

So in that case, give yourself that space to just recollect and really get yourself ready to jump back into business.

I see this as similar to a business event when you come home feeling hungover with everything that’s been put into your head for the past few days. If you jump right back into your business, it feels overwhelming because you didn’t give yourself the space you need to breathe before jumping back in.

The same thing goes for after your launch.

Give yourself that space right after so you can breathe and then get started onto the next thing within your business.

Live Launch Success Step #5: Get Back to Loving On Your Audience

One of the worst things you can do is only show up during launch periods and then go silent in between.

What happened to actually wanting to connect with your audience and get to know them and be on this journey with them?

Don’t lose that.

That is such a special thing about online businesses, and the ability we have to connect with people no matter where they’re at.

You’ve had that break and now it is going back to however you typically deliver content, answering people in social media, your inbox and keeping that connection strong.

Fun Fact: A majority of the results that you have during your launch are actually the things that you’ve been doing six months before that launch even happened.

Have fun with it and try different ways to connect with those you love to serve.

This allows your business to be fun and exciting and it helps lead right into your next launch with new audience members who know, like and trust you.

Do you have certain post-launch steps that you take in your business? If so, let us know what’s working for you below.

We’d love to hear all about them!

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