how to stand out online


Do you consider yourself in a saturated industry?

Me too.

The good news?

It shows that what you do is validated and that people are looking for what you offer.

It also means that it’s more important than ever to be willing to double down on the one thing that makes your business different.


This week, we’re going to go over why this is not only a requirement for being seen in 2019 but how to do so in a way that feels incredibly aligned for YOU!

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Before we get started, there’s an important thing to acknowledge.

You are the best part of your business.

You’re also the closest person to yourself, which means that it can be hard to see the amazingness that is inside of you.

That’s why we’re going to go through this exercise so you can identify what your stand out elements really are.


Step 1: Get Proof On How You Already Stand Out

Like I said above, you’re too close to yourself in order to see just how powerful you are.

This is why we’re going to enlist the help of a few groups of people to help you with this.

Your goal?

To simply ask these three groups of people what qualities they love the most about you.

Why do they choose to be around you?

What is it about you that connects with them?

That may feel a little weird to ask people at first, but I want you to lean into any vulnerable feelings that come with that and be honest that you’re asking because you want to be able to infuse the best of you into your business.


Group 1: Your close friends in everyday life.
These are people that you have probably known for a sizable period of your life. They’re also the people you actually know in everyday life. I want you to ask them what they love about you and write down every single thing that they say.

Group 2: Your business circle of friends.
These are the people that you are doing peer masterminds with and/or in other similar communities with. You are together on this business journey, which a lot of times that’s not the same people in real life because they’re not necessarily business owners. These people are in your peer group by choice. Ask them why and write it down.

Group 3: Audience members met in real life.
This group will be optional, depending on how you operate in your business. However, these are the people in your business audience that you have met in real life. If you are a speaker, attend events or host events, these are people in your audience that attended OR became a part of your audience after meeting you in person. You’ll ask them the same exact question to see what attracted them to you.


The reason we’re asking these three groups this question is because they all know you in different ways. However, you’ll be able to see some big commonalities from it that we’ll use later.

NOTE: If someone gives you an answer that feels kind of generic like “I like your attitude” or “I like your vibe”, don’t be afraid to ask if they can expand on that a little more. The more you know, the more it will help as we move along.


Step 2: Find Your Stand Out Qualities

Now that you have a collection of amazing things that people have said to you and how awesome-tastic you are, we can break things down further.

What are the commonalities?

You’ll want to highlight these commonalities as they are showing what your secret sauce is.

It’s exactly how you naturally attract people to you, without even trying.

They’re your stand out qualities.

What do you say we use them to your benefit, too?


Step 3: Evaluate Your Current Social Media Presence

Now that you’re able to see exactly what others are attracted to about you, it’s time to hold it up against your current social media presence.

Head over to your most used social platform(s) and do a quick evaluation of the past month of content.

Does your audience get to see those stand out qualities too?

Do they get to experience you in the same light others who love you do?

If not, why not?

Many times it’s out of fear of being “too much” or “too visible.” If we keep things in the middle, it feels safe.

In reality, it’s what holds you back because what those who love you are telling you is EXACTLY what makes you different than everyone else in your industry.

To stand out, your audience needs to see this too.

Now, I understand there can be resistance in this, and in the video below, you can hit play to hear my own fears around what came up for me when I did this exercise for myself.

You’ll also realize why I show up the way I do now (and how you got here!)

Step 4: Multiply The Best of You to Stand Out

This is where things get fun!

Now that you have identified your stand out qualities, it’s time to OWN them. Big time.

How do we do that?

By 3Xing everything you are seeing on your qualities list.

This means making the commitment that you are going to be so YOU, that it will push people away.

It also means you will fast track bringing in those who are meant to be around you.

This could include multiplying anything from your beliefs to your personality or way of working.

No matter what it is, you are fully embracing all of these pieces of you, knowing that they won’t be for everyone (and being ok with that).

Because, the truth us, when you are focused on trying to reflect your” competitors” you and/or what you think people want from you, you tone yourself down.

And when you tone yourself down, you lose on social media.

Need proof?

Think about the brands and/or influencers you follow and what you know about them.

I can guarantee you that the first few things you came up with is what they have 3Xed for themselves.

By them sharing unapologetically who they are, it’s calling in people like you who love them.


Next Steps

Are you up for 3Xing yourself?

I would love to hear from you!

If you’re listening on the podcast, come on over to Instagram @freedomdrivensuccess. Let me know.

Then, of course, if you’re on any other platform, just let me know in the comments if you are willing to take the challenge and to 3X the best of you so that you can call in more of the people who need what it is that you have.