What’s one of the biggest things that costs business owners time, money AND energy?

A lack of confidence.

And I don’t just mean surface level confidence. I’m talking about the king of confidence that is infused in everything you do.

That’s why we need to have a conversation about this and how to embrace confidence in a way that serves you and your vision, instead of taking you further away.

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The Three Ways a Lack of Confidence Shows Up

You may find that a lack of confidence shows up in one or more of these areas. No matter what it is for you, no self judgments, ok?

Awareness is the first step to all change.


  • Your Investments

    Investing in your business is non-negotiable. However, there is a big difference between an investment that you actually need in your business in order to bridge a gap and one that you are taking on because you’re afraid that you don’t know “enough” OR because it seems like “everyone else is doing it.”

    The best investments take your specific goals and gaps into account.

    Without these things in mind, investments turn into expenses. Even worse? It can easily create a cycle of hoping from purchase to purchase, without any true ROI behind them.

    Let’s check this for you…

    Take a look at your investments from the past six months.

    Did you invest from a place of confidence, because it aligned with your goals, and gaps or is this the opportunity to change the way you invest moving forward?

  • Your Ideas

    One of the sneakiest ways a lack of confidence can show up is through your ideas.

    It starts off simple enough, with a great idea for a webinar, opt-in, new offer, social media post, etc. You put in the work to get everything you need together and find yourself excited to share it with the world.

    However, when a lack of confidence hits, you switch ideas before the first one has had a chance to take hold.

    This causes you to put in the same time and energy as the last idea, all over again, when the idea itself was never the issue. You simply needed to trust the idea enough to follow through with it all the way.

    Let’s check this for you…

    How often to you change up your opt-ins or offers?

    Are the constantly changing before enough people have been exposed to them? Or are you changing them up, with clear data that the market isn’t connecting with it?

  • Your Actions.

    We’re not talking about simply taking action here. You’re already doing that.

    What we’re talking about is action on the things that you know you need to do but find yourself resisting because they’re out of your current comfort zone.

    Instead, you’re doing things every day, but they’re not the things that are actually contributing to your growth. They’re busy work that’s being disguised as “income producing” from a lack of confidence.

    Every time you up-level in your business, you’ll feel fear. However, those who work through that and take the focused actions needed, will continue to grow.

    Let’s check this for you…

    If you had to identify the three biggest income producing actions in your business, what would they be? How often are you doing them vs the other things in your business?

How to Breakthrough the Confidence Gap (and Make it Your BFF)

How do I know you’ve fallen into one (or all of) these?

Because I have too.

So have the women I’ve worked with.

It can also be changed through the power of the positive truth.

This is something that’s been working so well for us, that I wanted to share it with you so you can apply it as well.

1. Get awareness of the belief

We can’t fix something we don’t know exists so awareness is key here. This happens by catching the negative beliefs as the enter your mind.

NOTE: No judging the belief when it shows up because it’s actually about to serve you in a BIG way. If you need a reminder of this, feel free to use the mantra I use with myself,  “It’s not the first thought that counts but the second.”

2. Switch the negative belief to the positive truth

The cool thing about the way our minds work is that we can convince ourselves to believe in anything that’s out there.

That means if we can spend a lifetime believing something like, “hey, you’re not good at this, you’re not made for this,” we can also believe the opposite of that as well.

In this stage, that’s exactly what you are doing by reversing the thought.

So if it’s, “I can’t believe they’re asking me to speak on this. I am not the expert on that. I don’t know anything about that”, then I reverse it to, “You know, I do have a story that I can share. I do have things that I have learned about that area that I think would be really helpful for people.”

Which thought serves me best?

The second.

Same for you!

3. Take action from the positive truth.

Typically, actions are taken from the first belief.

And if you’ve fallen into one of the three categories we talked about below where a lack of confidence shows, it’s because of this fact.

But now, we get to change that moving forward, by making the decision to work from the positive truth.

If we use the same example as before and I’m working from a place of believing that I have a story to share and have something that can help someone in that area, then I’m going to say yes to that speaking engagement. I’m going to put myself out there and get better every single time, making the positive truth my reality.

If I believe that people are going to judge me because I’m not an “enough of an expert,” I’m going to say no. I’m not going to take action on the opportunity that the universe literally put in front of me and continue to solidify the belief that speaking isn’t for me.

See how powerful this becomes in the long term?

This is how you consistently stack these wins in not just your business, but in your mind as well.

You make confident decisions about the actions you take, investments you make and how you serve the world, which allows you to create incredible results.

Next Steps!

If this is something that you are connecting with and/or are going to try, I want to hear about it because I think that these are conversations that are very important to have in the business space and just how much it affects us as humans as well.

Come on over to @freedomdrivensuccess on Instagram and let’s talk!



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