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Danny-J is an award-winning entrepreneur, keynote speaker, podcast host and storyteller. As the former founder of The Sweaty Betties, an online fitness community, Danny-J discovered the most effective method for capturing attention and increasing revenue—sharing personal and brand stories.

Danny-J’s work can be heard in her weekly show, The Best Life Podcast and can be followed in real time on all the social media platforms.

As a true example of “Truth is Stranger than Fiction” she uses her real “Jerry Springer Life” stories to engage with her audience, teach life lessons and inspire others to rewrite their stories. Danny-J now teaches innovative brands and influencers to close more sales, become better leaders and blow up their brands with the irresistible power of sharing.

She also helps tens of thousands of families become debt-free by sharing her real life getting out of debt story and challenge #FindTheMoneyProject

On this episode, we talk about personal branding and what happens behind the scenes of an influential online brand, including:

  • The moment she realized that sharing her behind the scenes struggle connected others to her in a deeper and more powerful way.
  • How she turned that moment into a new way of showing up online in her business, with a new promise to share what scares her.
  • The advice she gives to her clients on overcoming the fears and hesitations that come up around sharing your unique story publicly.
  • How she determines what stories are ready to be shared and which need healing.
  • Handling criticism on social media and the gift of self-discovery that comes from it.
  • How to live your own best life, no matter what obstacles are put in your way.

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