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There’s nothing worse than creating a business that leaves you feeling exhausted and burnt out. Which is why the exercise we’ll be covering was created – to get a pulse on what’s really happening in your business so that you can scale in a way that works for your vision.

If I was to pick the top five buzzwords of the online space, scaling would absolutely be one of them. It’s just something that’s discussed so frequently and has flooded people’s feeds and inboxes.

Talks about scaling to six figures or seven figures {whatever the number is}, is constantly being pushed and I do believe that sometimes there are misconceptions because of that.

In a previous podcast episode (which you can check out 105: Growing vs Scaling an Online Business (And Why it Matters)), I’ve actually covered the topic on whether or not your business is actually growing or scaling because there are two different seasons of business.

But today, I want to talk about those who are in a position where they’re currently serving their clients, but would now like to scale their business.

Scale your business

Maybe you’ve already developed a course, or a membership, or a group program and you want to get it out there to more people who need it.

So yes, It’s been serving some people, but you want to go bigger with that; or maybe, you’re at the cusp where you’re looking to create that first scalable offer for yourself that scales over and over again in your business and helps you do exactly what scaling is— increasing your income without increasing your time and org efforts, right?

So really, you’re looking to make your work, work for you over and over again—isn’t that what most people want anyway? It’s also the main reason people come to work with me-so that we can set that up strategically and make it work for them.

Working with any coach, strategist, or mentor means that they are usually spotting things that you may have missed in the process. But if you are doing your own thing, I want you to have the right knowledge so that you can take it and apply it to your business at any time and scale it in a way that feels good for you.

In the past, I have seen people who are ready to scale—but what they wind up scaling instead is chaos. This comes in the form of overwhelm, burnout, and everything else they don’t want to scale.

That is not the end goal here; and It’s definitely not freedom driven success. What we want to do is create a really strong business that can be sustained over and over again while continuing to scale.

Are you scaling the wrong things in your business?

This reminds me of an analogy—Scaling your business is like trying to get out of debt. The average person who’s in debt will usually think that making more money will allow them to finally pay off their debt.

I used to think this way too until we got committed and paid off our debt. In reality, more money is not the answer. Because the underlying issue is your spending habits. That is the real problem that needs to be addressed and tackled here.

If anything, the more money you have, the more you’ll probably want to spend—so if you have not learned good saving/spending habits, accumulating more money will not get you out of debt.

Same thing goes for scaling—if there are issues with the framework of the business, scaling will only amplify what the business already is. You might begin to scale unhappy team members, or offers you don’t like.

You’ll find yourself scaling all of the wrong things which will just end up making you feel burnt out. This is when you encounter business owners claiming that money doesn’t even matter anymore because they are no longer happy.

This all sounds very doom and gloom doesn’t it?

10-minute exercise to help you scale your business

I do want to give you a very real picture of that reality and if you are currently in that position right now, you can probably relate to 100% of this.

I get it. I see it all the time behind the scenes and want you to know that if you’re in this situation you can get out; and if you’re not, you can avoid it all-together.  

With that said, I’d like to take you through a 10-minute exercise which is designed to give you the awareness at any level in your business and will give you the clarity of whether or not you’re actually scaling growth or chaos.

It will help you answer questions like:

“Am I scaling growth?”

“What do I need to do in order to troubleshoot my business?”

The Exercise

I am going to go through 6 points and would like for you to give yourself a score from one to ten. With one being the lowest and 10 being the highest. I’m going to break down each one to help you get a real evaluation of your business and will then help you with the next step:

On a scale of 1-10:

  • Question 1, Expertise: How excited are you about what it is that you are bringing to the world? (Do you still feel like your gifts/expertise are relevant and exciting?)
  • Question 2, Audience: Are you still excited about who it is that you serve? (How connected do you feel with your audience)
  • Question 3, Offers: How excited do you feel about the offers that you currently have? (you may feel like you need some support with marketing or getting more “out there”)
  • Question 4, Team: How would you rate your team? (do you feel like you’re doing way more than you should for your team? Or that you’re always putting our their fires?)
  • Question 5, Profits: How are your profits? (I am not talking about your overall income in your business but rather your profitability and how you feel about it. Hint, this may be ok if you are making investments in your business which can benefit you in the future)
  •  Question 6, Freedom: What is your ability to step away from your business? (how free do you feel personally as a business owner)

By going through these six key areas, you’ll notice which parts of your business need improvement. The range simply gives you an idea of where you’re at. Don’t expect to have a score of 60 because, well, nobody’s perfect right?

If you happen to be in the range of 1-20 though, it usually means that a fundamental piece of your business foundation is missing which is totally ok! Do not judge where you are in the journey because you can only get better in time.

 I’ve been there myself which I’m sure I’ve previously shared on my blog/podcast in the past.

When I started my very first business, I was a few months in and was tanking hard. What I did next was put my ego to the side and start all the way at the beginning again.

 So I went back through every exercise I had avoided initially and within a few short months, I had left my full-time job at the time. This was because I finally addressed the foundational steps in my business which I had skipped over.

 This is a common problem which I see all the time with business owners. They’ve either skipped the foundations of their business or simply need to pivot.

Evaluating your score

Let’s go back and address the 6 key areas shall we? Take a look at your score and find your range below: 

Score of 1-20

You may be at a stage where your business has served you up to a certain point but you’ve been really feeling called to serve in a different way. Your expertise number may be down because you do not feel as excited as you once used to. You may know how to do the work but that doesn’t mean it’s how you serve people anymore.

You may be feeling disconnected from your audience because you want a different audience. You want to help people in a different way than what your current audience is looking for. This then rolls into your team because you’re not going to give your team as many things to do because you don’t want to do those things anymore.

With all this being said, you MAY still be profitable. I can relate to this because at the time, I was running a very profitable business that I did not like at all. So for me, my profit score was high while everything else was low. It was simply because I needed to pivot.

So if you’re in this position, it may not necessarily mean that you need to change your foundation, but you may simply need to pivot. We already know when It’s time for a change…we simply need to sometimes give ourselves permission to do so

Score of 21-40

If you fall in this range, you are most likely being called to step up into the role of a CEO, which means that you need to probably let go of more things in your business.

You are probably not delegating enough work or are not bringing in the right team members. You may be stuck in the middle zone where you’re afraid to hire people because it may mean that you won’t make as much money.

You may be having some growing pains in your business right now which is definitely not a bad thing. It’s something that happens to every business owner, much like a rite of passage. It simply means that you are being called to step up.

So how do you need to step up right now? What is the thing that you have avoiding doing that you know is going to help your growth? This will be different for each person. The bottom line here is that you most likely already know what that “thing” you need to change is.

Score of 41-60

If you scored in this range, you’re in the sweet spot. This is where I like to keep myself. I have always believed that in business, if I am in the 80%-90% range of “loving what I am doing, then I am totally fine with it.

I know that I am not going to love everything about my business; for example, I do not like to deal with all the financials in my business but in order to be profitable, I need to be in the know.

This is why I don’t expect anyone to be in the 100% range. Nothing is perfect all the time and a score of 41-60 means that you’re probably doing pretty well.

In this range, it’s more important to pay attention to which areas you scored lower vs the others so that you can make improvements as needed for each area.

What I learned in my business

I recently did this evaluation on myself and realized that there were areas of my business such as the team aspect which I had scored a bit lower on. Once I delegated parts of my daily work over to someone else however, it took a huge burden off my shoulders. This in turn helped that score come up which raised my overall satisfaction in my business.

I think It’s important to do this evaluation for yourself every other month or so to help you go through each of these pieces and get yourself set up for success.

This allows you to see where your business can use some work and whether or not you need to step up more into your CEO role.

We all run into these things at some point in our business which is fine!

So if you did this exercise, what number did you get? Did you figure out which parts of your businesses you need to make tweaks to?

Regardless of the number, use that data to move forward into the new year in a way that serves you, your business, your vision, and your mission.

As always, I am happy to continue the conversation over on Instagram —see you there!

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