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Emily Gough is a podcasting coach, lifestyle entrepreneur and host of the Room to Grow Podcast, a space for open, honest and real discussions about tough lessons learned in life and business when thrown into the unexpected, and regularly featured in the top 200 worldwide in its’ category.  Trained in psychology, holistic nutrition and business strategy, Emily helps entrepreneurs launch their podcasts and leverage their personal stories to positively impact others with purpose. 

After 11 years working in the corporate world, Emily quit her job to pursue her dream career empowering entrepreneurs to live the life they’ve been dreaming of through high access coaching and online courses, and her signature approach is all about building powerful, genuine connections and relationships. 

Since launching two separate podcasts since 2017, Emily has learned and implemented strategies that she teaches others, helping them successfully and confidently navigate how to create their own podcast to share unique stories and experiences, connect with peers and listeners, and design a business they love.  

On this episode, we talk about her journey in business and how her and her clients leverage the power of podcasting in order to amplify their impact, including:

  • The moment she realized the business she started needed to shift in order to honor where she was being called to serve.
  • What happened when she first launched her first podcast host and the lessons she learned in the process.
  • Three things to ask yourself if you have been considering going into podcasting as a way to help amplify your business and its message.
  • The difference between a co-hosted podcast and a solo podcast, and how to know which is the best fit for you.
  • How to evaluate which topics your audience is connecting with the most on your podcast.
  • What to keep in mind if you are a lifestyle brand that is sharing personal stories.
  • The boundaries she sets for herself in order to show up as her most impactful self on the mic.

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