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It can be hard selecting what type of course to create in your business since not all types are created equal. Today, I’m going to go into the four types of courses to consider for your business, along with what happened when I chose the wrong one initially.

When I created my first course, it was far from perfect. I didn’t feel good about it at all nor was I proud of it in any way.

Although my first course makes me cringe ‘til this day, it taught me so much about myself, and more importantly, it taught me how to run a successful business that aligns with both me and my audience.

When it was all about your “Signature Course”

When I first started to create my course, it was during a time in the online space where everything was centered around signature offers and signature courses.

So the focus was if you create this one powerful offer in your business, include everything you know, and focus all your energy into selling it, that it would serve your people.

So if many people were doing their signature offers as a course, they were these huge courses with a ton of modules and a ton of lessons.

Not to mention, the bonus list was often longer than the module list because—well, everyone was trying to prove that theirs had more stuff than the other person, right?

It really became a matter of “here’s everything I possibly know in my brain that I’ve been helping people with this whole time, condensed into one single offer; and anyone who wanted something beyond that, would do the same thing with me, just one-on-one.

Creating my first course

When I was creating my first course, I followed the same “Signature Course model that everyone else was at the time.

At the time, I was four years into my business. I basically took everything I knew, and outlined it into something that made sense.

Once I knew what my modules were, I created all the workbooks, and sat down and recorded all the audio—which took a lot of work.

I was proud of everything I had done, I felt like I was on fire.

But at the same time, I had just came out of a period in my business, {one of worse periods in my business at that}—where I was completely and utterly burnt out.

I had recently gotten rid of two previous businesses where I was running everything and was SO ready for something different. I had done all the things—listened to all the podcasts, read all the information and I knew that I was done with trading my time for money.

I got right into learning about courses and what they could do; and although I never actual learned about how to create a course myself, I bought a program which taught me all about webinars and specifically how to sell on a webinar as an influencer.

So I went all in.

I committed to a month in September and that involved doing four webinars. My goal was to do one webinar each week.

It was the same webinar and at the time, people were doing four different ones for their launch. So I though, let me just try to do the same one, (which I’m glad I did by the way).

I followed the program that I had just purchased and held one webinar a week for four weeks despite having no audience since I had just burned down 2 prior businesses in totally different industries.

I decided since I had no audience that I would spend just under $3,000 in ads. Since the offer was set at $997, I figured that simply selling a few and would already help me make my ad money back. After all, I had just got out of running an ad agency so I knew what I was doing…

Yet after each webinar, I would cry because no one was buying anything. I felt defeated because I didn’t realize just how attached I was to the outcome—I really truly believed it was going to work. And when it didn’t I was crushed.

Being the type of person that I am, I usually give myself some time to grieve and just be upset when things go wrong. But shortly after, I make the decision that I need to fight and continue to try and make it happen.

So with that, I made another decision to launch again that January. I got one sale. One. Looking back, I was upset at the amount of work I did for just one sale. In fact, I didn’t even break even. I was losing money.

I began to ask myself if the audience even wanted what I was offering. Did they not care? Was I the only one excited about this?

I wasn’t planning on this business idea not to work and I had no idea what I was going to do next.

I reached out to my audience personally

I decided I would reach out to the people who had joined but had not purchased the program. After all, I wanted to see if there were other ways that I could help them.

What I found out was that what they wanted was actually the very first module of the entire course.

I had spent so much time creating eight modules yet people were only interested in the first one—which was, how I found the time to run my business while working full-time with 3 part-time jobs.

They were interested in how I built my business and replaced that income within the first year. Essentially, they wanted to know how on earth I was able to get sales in between working for all these other people, and well, living life.

That was my “Aha” moment.

If people just wanted to learn about my “how” I was willing to teach them. So I took that one module and repackaged it as the smallest course ever for $97.

This started what later became where we’re at now and I learned a very valuable lesson from all of this—that not every course is for every business or for every audience. What your audience is looking for will determine the type of course they’ll be interested in.

I still run into people who come to me for support in creating their course stating how overwhelmed they are because they’re trying to create this extra “unicorn” course that has EVERYTHING they know in it.

Doing this may actually be doing a disservice to their audience because it may not be the right fit for their preference. Which is exactly what happened to me and what actually put me more into debt at the time (which we’ve since paid off, luckily).

To top everything off, I was just exhausted and defeated and had I known then what I know now, I could have made better decisions. 

Four different types of courses

So, let’s talk about the four different types of courses and what to expect. This will hopefully give you a little bit of an intro of what to keep in mind as you are getting ready to create your own course or courses within your business.

Intro course

The intro course is what my big mac daddy course turned into. It turned into an intro course and I didn’t even know it at the time.

This can be an amazing type of course, if you are just starting out in course creation. If you want to get your feet wet, you want to see what It’s like to make passive income because these are typically hands off and they’re priced accordingly for that.

So, this is a course that allows people to get to know you, what you do, and really provides them with some foundational knowledge that prepares them for the next step.

So, if you think about how you work with your one on one clients, you probably always start people with the same kind of questions and/or activities. Like there are certain things you do with everyone at the beginning. That’s probably going to be your intro.

These are the things that you’d ideally like for your clients to have mastered prior to coming to work with you. It allows them to see your teaching style and it allows them to already have that first step covered before moving on to the next step(s).

So in my case back then, the intro was around time management and teaching people how to get their schedule in line so that they had the time to work their business.

Having this information prior to working with me would mean that they already had this first step done so that we could talk through other areas.

The intro course is typically lower in price compared to the rest. My intros are typically $97 and under and it just gives them a little sneak peek as to what they can accomplish with you by giving them that one transformation first step.

So in my case, it meant getting their time in order and seeing those first steps in their business. I have since retired this offer which was at one point turned it into a workshop. I have re-recorded it this year and added it in as a bonus for people who still need help in this area.

Deep Dive Course

This is where we go into obtaining results in a specific areas. These courses tend to go for about $500. This is just an estimate because everyone’s business model will differ.

The deep dive course is where they want to learn one specific thing. So perhaps a mindset for entrepreneurs with the deep dive specifically focused on their money mindset for instance.

For my one of my courses specifically, I only cover list building. This allows me to cover opt in pages and everything else that goes into building a list.

If you happen to be in the health and wellness pace, you can help people with everything from mindset to nutrition, and even workouts and fitting everything into their schedule. So in this case, your deep dive could be nutrition.

A deep dive course focuses on just one key area.

Signature Course

This is a start-to-finish transformation course. This is what most people are familiar with and what they believe they need to create.

My Clients to Courses is my signature course. This course has a start to finish transformation and includes multiples things along the process which will take you from working with clients to creating and profiting from a course.

Because It’s so robust, its not just one deep dive into a specific topic but rather covers all the major areas you will need for this transformation.

 A course like this can range from $500-$5000. You’ll know it’s a signature course because it will contain information behind an intro and a deep-dive course. So you’ll want to cover all areas in this type of course and price it accordingly.

Next Level Course

This is for people who have already worked with you in a previous offer and it builds into the next stage. So if they have not worked with you in a previous offer, they’re not going to have the right foundation in order to take this next level course.

Oftentimes, this is where people will have a course on the front end and then after that course is complete, they get a limited time with that course and then they can sign up for a membership after that. That’s what’s considered the “next level”.

So in my business, my Collective  is what I consider to be the “next level”. Although at the moment, It’s running side by side with my signature course, it will eventually only be available to those who took the course.

You can set it up where your next level course is available only after someone goes through your signature or deep dive course to ensure the right knowledge foundation has been established.

What type of course to create

If you are struggling with what type of course to create and are thinking you could do all of them, I want you to do this very easy exercise:

Do your market research and get an idea of whether they are looking for a starting point such as what is found in an intro, or a more concentrated topic such as what’s found in a deep dive or signature course.

For your first course, I always recommend going in with a deep dive course first. This will help you get your feet wet before moving on to a more robust course.

Had I known this before I started four years ago, I would never have wasted time building such a robust course when all my audience wanted was an intro. 

People will only buy what they think the solution to their problem is. Deeper topics will need to be in a signature course or in the next level course.

The next level course can be something that’s a membership beyond a course or just another course that helps to expand the knowledge obtained in a previous course.

I would love to hear what type of course you’re looking to create in 2020 so if there was one that stuck out to you, which would it be?

Come on over to the Freedom Driven Success page on Instagram  and let me know in the DM’s. I love, love, love getting to connect with you all and I am super interested to hear if you had any takeaways from any of this.

Talk soon!

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