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Scroll through your newsfeed for at least fifteen minutes and I’m sure you’ll find at least two people who are crushing it with courses.

However, we want to go beyond the social media highlight reels and talk about the four non-negotiables of what will actually make a course profitable for your business.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • The difference between curiosity and judgment and why one will always help you to address and fix a bottleneck in your business faster than the other.
  • How to know you’re in the prime position to serve your audience with a course (as well as how to know you aren’t in it).
  • The two things to pay attention to when structuring your course so that you don’t wind up creating the wrong one for your business and goals.
  • How the course creation journey reflects the journey you took when first working with 1:1 clients and how that knowledge can be used to support you.
  • Exploring the beliefs you have around course creation and if they are helping or hurting your long term scalability.

Remember, the goal for this episode is to stop and work on the first of the four points that make you pause. This is a sign that it’s an area that needs more support right now and that means it’s worth taking the time to listen and explore it fully so you can move forward in confidence.

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