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Just like every business is different, so is the effectiveness of the investments we make. This is why it’s absolutely vital to know which investments in your business are the best fit for YOU and your goals/needs. In this episode, I’ll take you through an exercise that reveal what brings the biggest ROI along with where your weak spots are when it comes to spending money in your business.

Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • How to promote easy sharing from your blog posts.
  • The importance of your headline and why the thoughts that come up for those reading it matters for both your reach and shareability.
  • How I use the free CoSchedule Headline Analyzer tool to create better headlines.
  • The questions you can ask on social media to generate more sharing, without getting hidden by algorhythms (hint: “tag a friend!” “comment if you agree” or “share with a friend” won’t work these days).
  • Leveraging calls to action within your content to build your list, create relationships and/or generate sales.

Increasing your organic reach with time sensitive content around holidays, social movements and seasonal topics.   

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