About Me

I’m Jess! While most commonly known on the internet as a marketer and business owner, I’m also a happily married wife, cat mom, fair-weather runner, music lover and taco aficionado. 

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🎶 "Let Me Tell You All About How My Life Got Flipped, Turned Upside Down."

The Begining

I went into my first online business in 2011 with big dreams and even bigger goals. Even better? I crushed a lot of them. Fast.

I was working with clients I loved. I was building communities on social media that connected with me and my brand. I was investing in my business so it could continue to grow.

I was also going through some very real struggles behind the scenes:

• Being excited to be “fully booked out” with clients, only to realize that it meant being on calls all day, with little time for anything else.

• Being too afraid to step away from my business because everything was dependent on me being there.

• Crying to my husband every time I traveled because the dream was to explore the world together, yet all of my travel was for business and inside conference rooms.

I tried to ignore it. I tried to work through it. I tried to wear my work ethic as a badge of honor.

However, in 2015 I realized the truth about what I had built for myself… a business that serves everyone but myself.

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The Shift

Where do you start creating freedom driven success when everything in front of you reflects the opposite? For me, it began with defining what success meant to me and being ruthless about removing anything that didn’t align with it.

In the process, I realized that the two most powerful assets I have are my energy and time, and neither were being served with a business that was solely reliant on 1:1 clients to hit my goals each month.

Courses allowed me to package my expertise in a way that aligned with the type of lifestyle and scalability I was looking for and equipped me with a skill set that would later support other scalable offers in my business (like a membership and group coaching) as well.

Even better? They gave me exactly what I was looking for since the day I began my business – freedom driven success.

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🎶 "Darlin', don't quit your daydream It's your life that you're making."

The Impact

After replacing and then surpassing my own 1:1 income, through the power of scalable offers that were able to sell and serve on autopilot, I wanted other business owners to experience what it’s like to have a business that supports their audience and themselves.

For some of my clients, it’s letting go of their 1:1 offers completely and leveraging courses, memberships or group programs. For others, it’s a blend of 1:1 clients and scalable offerings so that they have the flexibility to take on clients when they want to vs have to. 

In other words, I work with each client as the individual they are and we work together to both define their personal definition of freedom driven success and then structure the offerings, marketing and systems of their business to support it.

It’s with this approach that I’ve been able to be behind some of the most incredible shifts as business owners see that they can design a business that works with their life, not one that takes over it.

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Fun Facts About Me

Professional Bio

Jessica Rodriguez helps online businesses expand beyond a 1:1 client reliant business model through the power of scalable offers, evergreen sales funnels and connection-driven marketing.

Throughout her decade of experience supporting online business owners she has noticed that while there are different needs that arise at each stage of growth for a business, one thing remains the same: Business is simple. Humans are complex.

Just like Jessica uses her anxiety as her own entrepreneurial superpower, her goal is to show each and every business she supports how they can step into a scalable way of business that works with who they are and how they work best.

When not talking about all things business, you can find Jessica going to Target for the tenth time this week, being the most extra cat mom and competing with her husband on who’s the funniest or listening to a true crime podcast.

Connect with her at freedomdrivensuccess.com or on Instagram at @freedomdrivensuccess