Automate the Sales of Your Online Course [Part 7 of 7]


• A live launch will amplify what’s working or amplify what’s not.

• You’ll see a lot of messaging around how one type of sales driver (challenge, webinar, etc.) is better than the others when live launching. The truth is, they all work as long as they are choosing based on 1) how you show up and deliver best and 2) how your audience consumes content.

• Master the basics of live launching before adding on any bells and whistles that will take additional work and/or money on your part.

Part 6 of 7: Selling Your Online Course with a Live Launch

“Course sales on autopilot? Yes please!”


You made it to our final decision and let me tell you… this is the point that transforms businesses.

Instead of trading time for money to hit your goals each month or having to live launch in order to drive sales, you’re now looking to set up an automated sales machine that will allow your course to sell and serve every single day.

Sales while you’re working on something completely unrelated in your business.
Sales while you’re out on date night.
Sales while you’re in the middle of a walk outside.

In other words, sales on autopilot.

All thanks to the upfront work you did the work to get you to this point.

You leaned into the discomfort of initially creating your course.
You showed up to deliver for your buyers.
You got out there and live launched so you could leverage all that data and content now.

Now, let’s get you reaping those rewards even further!

Questions to ask to determine if you are ready to automate the sales of your course:


Has the course within my sales funnel been validated with sales AND results?
If you are reading the entire series, we talked about this back in Choose an Online Course Topic that Sells but I want to bring it up again to both solidify the importance of this step as well as mention it for those who already have a course and jumped to this step. A sales funnel will never fix a broken offer or marketing.

No, you don’t have to have hundreds or thousands of sales on this offer before putting it into a sales funnel, but you do want to know that people are looking for, and willing to buy, your course as your funnel will be not only focusing on that course but utilizing all of the promotional content you’ve already created for it during your presale and live launch periods (emails, social posts, sales pages, etc.). If those assets aren’t converting to sales, putting them into a funnel will only amplify that which completely defeats what we’re doing here!

Do I have an opt-in that is attracting qualified leads for my course?
This is an opt-in that directly relates to your course and brings in people who are qualifying themselves as someone who needs your course by signing up for your opt-in. Since a lot of what happens at this stage is leveraging assets you’ve already created (which is why we do that work in the previous steps to make sure it’s working before you get to this point), you may already have this opt-in from your live launch. Don’t be afraid to reuse it if it’s working!

Do I have data from my live launch that I can leverage for my sales funnel?
There’s different schools of thought about this. Some people will say to go straight to a sales funnel with your course and people like me will tell you to live launch it first. I’ve done both. However, I’ve also been doing this long enough that I know the level of risk  I’m taking and what I need to account for in jumping right to a funnel with an offer. I rarely suggest this to someone else as you miss a lot of data that can help your sales funnel take off faster. 

Go get that data if you don’t have it by focusing on Selling Your Online Course with a Live Launch.

Do I have a traffic plan in place to generate consistent leads for this sales funnel?

Having a sales funnel, without a plan for how you will generate consistent traffic is slow and agonizing. How so? Because you’re left sitting there with a huge asset on your hands that you have to wait (and wait and wait) on because there aren’t enough people coming through to collect the data you need to scale it and/or make informed decisions about.

Make sure you have a plan in place to generate consistent leads for your funnel like we teach in 90 Days to Influential for organic leads, paid traffic, or both.

Pitfalls to Avoid at this Stage

Overcomplicating your sales funnel.

Every point in your funnel needs to be tracked in order to find any leaks that are costing you sales. Remember that when you get excited for multilayered funnels that include behavior based automations and cool tech features as this not only makes it that there are more things to track but also troubleshoot. Simplicity wins.

Removing all connection points.

Automation is great and we want to use it to our advantage. However, remember that humans thrive on connection. Be sure to include connection points within your sales funnel so that they can ask questions, provide feedback and/or learn more about you.

Your Next Step Forward

You have reached the end of our ultimate guide! While it would be impossible to cover every single thing related to creating, selling and automating the sales of your course, our intention was to provide what we wish was talked about more (outside of paywalls) so that you can make more informed decisions, based on where you are in your course journey.

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