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4 Steps to Generate Consistent Income (without More 1:1 Clients)

If you’ve ever grabbed my Ultimate Course Funnel, you will see that there is a statement I mention in the very first email that goes out…

“As much as I love the surprises the entrepreneurial journey can bring, I do NOT want my income to be one of them.”

And I can confidently tell you that that statement is  just as true today as it was the first time I wrote it.

You see, part of my personal definition of freedom driven success is financial stability and when I was running a business that was reliant on whether or not a new client signed (or resigned) to hit my income goal each month, it turned my business from something I loved to a pressure cooker.

That is, until I made the decision to create a scalable offer that could provide consistent income into my business, regardless of how many clients I had booked that month.

That scaleable offer? A course.

The same course that completely transformed the way I both live and work.

For you, this may also be a course. It could also be a group program, membership or passive products.

Either way, let’s talk about how you can generate consistent income into your business each month, regardless of how many clients you work with.

1: Make the Nonnegotiable Decision

Everything we do starts with a decision. This is no different.

Now, when I say to make a decision, I mean the nonnegotiable decision to follow through on actions that support vision thinking  vs. now thinking.

When you are committed to now thinking, you find yourself only focused on the current fires in your business and consistently only taking actions that extinguish them. 

If it’s an income fire, you’re whipping up a new offer, creating another flash sale and/or launching… anything… as fast as you can. If it’s a deadline fire, you’re adding more work hours to your schedule, all while promising yourself you’ll hire someone “when you can.” If it’s a marketing fire, you’re rushing to buy another program or course, to learn the latest strategy someone is using (even though you haven’t implemented the last one you learned yet).

All this fire fighting means that you aren’t setting your business up for scalability or consistent income because your core focus is on the NOW, which is temporary. Leaving you always trying to refill the leaky bucket.

It’s a pattern that repeats itself as many times as it needs to until you draw a line in the sand.

When you are committed to vision thinking, you’re putting in the focused actions and creating the systems needed to serve your continued growth and scalability, in between your everyday tasks. 

The funny thing about this way of business is that a majority of what you do won’t seem all that significant at first. However, as you follow through with it, you begin to see that your income has not only become consistent but also, no longer even needs you to be there to generate it! 

In this way, the bucket doesn’t need to keep being refilled because the holes aren’t there.

Most people unintentionally commit to the NOW of their business. 

Which is why this needs to not only be a decision you make but one that you keep yourself accountable to, over and over again.

Without doing so, your vision gets further away instead of closer.

2: Review Your Current Offers (by Scalability)

Now that you have made the decision, you’re ready to work with the big vision in mind… consistent income that happens with or without you there.

Let’s get to it!

What offers do you have in your business currently? This is the time to get them all out on the table for yourself.

Of those offers, which have the highest scalability? In other words, they can run both with or without you there.

If an offer is completely passive, it will go to the top of the list. If it is leveraged (group program, membership, etc.) it will be in the middle and if it is 1:1/DFY it will be at the bottom of the list.

For example, if I pulled three of mine they would be listed as:
Presell + Profit Method (passive)
• Clients to Courses® (leveraged)
• Strategize + Rise (1:1)

Note: If all of your offers are 1:1 or DFY services, you’ll want to check out the Presell + Profit Method for more on how to turn that into a scalable offer.

3: Review Your Current Offers (by Profitability)

Based on the offers that are at the top of the list for scalability, which do you feel has the highest profitability and overall transformation potential? Do any of your offers fit into your value ladder in a way that supports higher levels of the ladder?

This will be the offer that needs your focus for the next step.

If I’m looking at mine listed above, it would be the Presell + Profit Method as there is no limit to the amount that I can sell, it provides a huge transformation for my audience at an “omg I can’t believe it” price and the option to upgrade into other offers on my value ladder – increasing both the overall profitability and transformation.

That means that it makes sense for me to build the appropriate systems around this offer so that it can help support the business as a whole.

4: Create the System and Refine as Needed

Now that you know which offer will bring you the most scalability and profitability, do you have an automated system in place for both consistent leads and sales into it? (aka your sales funnel)

If not, everything that supports this system becomes a vision-focused action and what you’ll be doing in between your everyday business tasks.

The key here is that you’re not just creating a sales funnel for any ol’ offer. 

In this case, you are creating a sales funnel around your most scalable and profitable offer so that your business can have a solid and consistent income stream coming in each month, regardless of your work hours or client load.

It’s strategic and intentional in serving your bigger vision vs. just being created because someone said you “should.”

What One Offer Will You Leverage?

One thing I’ve seen happen time and time again is that, when people realize the power of this way of business, they want to create sales funnels for EVERYTHING.

I get it, it’s exciting.

However, let’s get back to how this way of business actually works… by being strategic and intentional.

This means you are letting go of the “more = more” thinking.

In order to do this, I always suggest that you leverage the power of ONE.

One profitable offer and one sales funnel at a time.

This will allow you to build up each income stream, without compromising the current needs of your business and/or putting yourself into burnout trying to take on the world in a single month.

Once that single offer and single funnel are converting and you’re in refinement mode, then you have also reached the point where you can either:

1) use the profits from that offer to build your team and/or
2) take on less clients. Both of which allow you to create additional offers and funnels, if you choose to do so.

However, it starts with ONE.What is that offer for you? The offer you want to leverage to generate consistent income in your business, month after month?

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