I get it, as a business owner, it’s your responsibility to generate sales.

It’s how you are actually able to stay in business so that you can serve those who need what you offer.

However, there’s a common trend that I am seeing time and time again when it comes to doing so.

Creating more.
Doing more.
Working more.

At first, it seems innocent enough. You’re doing what you need to in order to figure out what’s working and get things off the ground.

But as the years go on, you start to realize that you’ve hooked yourself to a rollercoaster you can’t seem to get off of.

With new courses being created faster than you’re even selling them.

Sometimes out of scarcity and other times out of misguided information.

This trend?

It’s costing you both time and profits.

And, in turn, not allowing your gifts to be sustainable.

I believe the world needs what you have.

So I’m going to open the doors to the truth of how you can turn your course into a consistent profit generator.

How to Identify Why Your Course Isn’t Selling as Planned

To start, I want you to select just one course in your business that is the most exciting for you right now.

Got it?

Ok, let’s put it to the test by answering these questions honestly for yourself.

1. Do you have enough leads exposed to this course in order to hit your income goal?

More often than not, this becomes the biggest bottleneck that I see in businesses.

They think the offer is the problem (thus, creating new ones over and over again), when the reality is they don’t have enough leads.

Let’s dive into this deeper.

If we go solely by industry averages and say that 1-5% of cold traffic buys your course and you want to sell 20 this month, how many people do we need to expose this offer to?

If we keep it conservative at 2%, than that brings us to 1,000.

Again, that is based on a cold traffic average so yours could be different but the question is still the same…

Do you have enough leads or are you dismissing your course as a “failure” without the full picture in mind?

The good news?

We have the power of the internet behind us now, which means we have new leads at our fingertips DAILY.

If you want your course to sell more, and leads is an issue, this is your opportunity to change it by increasing your visibility (either organically, paid or both).

2. Are your leads the right leads for your course?

You already have enough leads but, still, it’s not converting.

Now what?

This is where we need to do a quick check in WHO your leads are.

If you have recently pivoted your business, have made a huge messaging and/or offer change, the leads you have may no longer be the right leads for you.

They originally came to you for something else that you no longer focus on.

When this happens, you need to go through an audience rebuilding phase before selling your course.

I know, I know, not what anyone wants to hear because it’s not sexy.

However, you’ll thank yourself for taking a step back now to do this, later.

When I realized that I no longer was aligned with a “booked out business” model and filling myself with clients, I had this same issue.

All of my opt-ins and offers were around attracting and booking clients so guess what my list was looking for? Attracting and booking clients.

This meant that when I rebranded Connect + Convert to be for those who wanted to passively sell scalable offers, a majority of my audience wasn’t interested.

If I included them, all of my numbers would have been skewed and I would have through the course was a failure. It wasn’t. Not even close.

Instead, I had to start all of my numbers at ZERO again so that they would be accurate to who I was now serving.

The good news?

Once you have learned how to build an audience already, it’s much faster to build it back up after a pivot. It’s no longer your first rodeo.

Is this offer in front of the right audience?

Or, have you pivoted recently and that needs to be taken into account as you build your leads back up for this course?

3. Do the numbers show that there needs to be changes to the marketing of the course itself?

Now, I’m not saying that you need to be like so in the thick of the numbers of your business that you can’t do anything else.

I understand, that’s not everyone’s jam.

However, you do need to be aware of your numbers or else you’ll never be able to scale your course effectively.

If everything above passed the test, this is the time we look at the offer itself and how it’s selling.

Not before.

When I get behind the scenes of someone’s launch and/or funnel, I’m looking to amplify what’s working and change what isn’t.

The numbers will tell you both.

Your Emails:
– Which emails have the highest open rates and can we change the subject lines for the others? We can’t get more sales if people aren’t seeing the actual message so that’s the first thing I look for.

– How are your click rates? Is there room for improvement? Start there. If they’re high but you’re not hitting your sales goals, this tells me we need to look at the sales page.

– What emails are a majority of your sales coming from? These are the winning emails and the ones I’d want to check what was written because it’s connecting with the audience the most. We’ll want more of that.

Your Sales Driver:
– What type of sales driver are you using (webinar, challenge, etc.) for this course? Is it the best fit for your audience?

– Is your audience making it through to the pitch? If not, I would want to know where they are dropping off so we can remove that part and/or shorten the time span.

Your Messaging:
– Why did your current members buy? If you can find out why people are buying (even if it’s just a few), you can but more of an emphasis on those points in our future marketing.

If you find that you fall in this area, use these questions as your starting point for troubleshooting what’s happening for you.

With any course, taking the time to look into your numbers like this and tweak as needed is vital.

It’s also a heck of a lot easier to make small changes than keep trying to create something new from scratch over and over again!

Instead, in the end you wind up with one killer course that you can predict your profits for from month to month because it’s been fully tested and proven.

No more having to shift your energy to ten different things but instead, take the time to create one insanely solid course at a time – that can continue to provide a reliable income steam for you over and over again.

Selling and Serving Your Course on Autopilot

Before you know it, that upfront time you took is now working for you and you are able to see it pay off.

If you add on another offer, you simply repeat the process so that you now have two well oiled profit machines running for yourself instead of trying to give your attention to ten at a time.

This process takes trust.

Trust in your course.
Trust in your ability to sell your course.
Trust in the refinement process.

Those who do, win BIG online.

Even better?

They do it without burning themselves out in the process.