Lead magnets are one of the key components of building and growing your list. 

In fact, they’re actually a very important piece of your marketing strategy for selling your course!

Not only do they help you build and grow your email list, but they also help you focus on your ideal audience and the one problem you’re solving with your course.

Ready to create the perfect opt-in? Let’s jump right in.

What is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is a valuable piece of content that you provide free of cost in exchange for a person’s email address. 

Lead magnets (or opt-ins as I prefer to call them) are meant to build and grow your email list in a purposeful way.

What does that mean?

Often I find that my students and clients have created opt-ins that seem to be working…

But when it’s time to promote their course or offers, the launch isn’t as successful as they’d expected.

The truth is, the goal of your lead magnet is not just to get people to sign up for your email list. 

The goal is to get subscribers into your email list that are your ideal audience for your end offer

As in, the people you created your course for. 

And, so often, I see a huge disconnect between the lead magnet that is inviting new subscribers into people’s email lists and the course itself. 

In order to build and grow your email list with actual, qualified leads, there are a few things you must keep in mind in order to create a lead magnet/opt-in that truly attracts the right audience into your email list.

How to create a lead magnet that helps you sell your course

To strategically create a lead magnet that calls in your ideal audience, you need two things:

  • To provide your audience with what you know they want based on your market research
  • To keep your end offer front and center as you create your opt-in

Let’s say you’ve created a course that helps students increase their following on Instagram.

Based on that one problem you’re solving with your course, you know that your audience wants to increase the number of people following them on Instagram.

You know this from the market research you conducted prior to creating your course! Didn’t do it? No worries. Check out this post to read more about market research for our online course.

So your lead magnet will give them one small, quick win related to the problem they want to solve that will have them better prepared to enter your course in the future. 

For example, you could create a cheat sheet titled “5 things you can do right now to increase organic reach on Instagram.”

Or you could curate a swipe file list titled “The top hashtag strategies to get visible on Instagram.”

Not only do these lead magnets address the thing your audience wants, but these topics also naturally lead your audience to the end offer– your course. 

The people signing up for your lead magnet will then also be people who would want (and need) the course you’ve created!

5 Lead Magnet Ideas You Can Use Right Now

In Clients to Courses®, I help my students strategically create a lead magnet after they’ve created their course. 

Because frankly, it isn’t until after you’ve created your course that you’ll know how to lead people to the course and how to choose the type of lead magnet that’s best for your audience.

Ready to choose? There are so many options! In Clients to Courses®, we have a list of 25 opt-in ideas that you can use to help you sell your course. 

Here are a few.

1. Templates

Templates can give your audience a way to easily follow a specific system you have created. This can be presented as an electronic document or printable sheets to fill out and implement into an area of their life.

Template Examples: Discovery Calls Made Easy Template, Graphics That Save Time (for Social Media Managers)

2. Swipe Files

Swipe files are a collection of examples that can be used for inspiration by your audience.

Swipe File Examples: 50 Grab and Go E-Mail Subject Lines, 20 Social Media Posts for More Engagement in Less Time, 50 hashtags to get visible on Instagram

3. Cheat Sheets

Cheat sheets are centered around one specific topic and simplifies a process or system you have found success with.

Cheat Sheet Examples: Self-Care Simplified: for Stay at Home Moms, 25 Healthy Restaurant Swaps, 5 things you can do right now to increase organic reach on Instagram

4. Checklists

Who doesn’t love a good checklist that keeps you more organized? Checklists are easy to make for a variety of topics that align with your audience.

Checklist Examples: Ultimate Vacation Checklist for Easy Packing, Healthy Habits Checklist for Busy Women on the Go, Daily Household Chores Checklist

5. Workbooks

If you are looking to share something with your audience, that they will need to brainstorm, write out or strategize, a fill in the blank workbook can get them to take action quickly.

Fill in the Blank Workbook Examples: Create a Business Plan for Your New Social Media Biz, Develop a Customized Family Friendly Meal Plan for the Week

Do I really need a lead magnet for my course?

Not everyone is going to want to buy your course right off the bat.

If this is the first they hear of you, or if they landed on your website from a Google or Pinterest search, then chances are this is their first exposure to your content/brand/style.

And while they can get familiarized with your style via the free content you provide on your website, the higher value content you provide in your lead magnet that directly ties to your course could be the next step in your relationship with your audience. 

Your lead magnet is part of your marketing strategy that helps you build trust with your audience.

While you could sell your course in a number of ways that don’t involve email, one of the best ways to market and sell your course is using email marketing. 

According to Constant Contact, the average return on investment for email marketing is 42:1. 

So I 10/10 recommend a lead magnet to help you sell your course!

In Clients to Courses®, we help you with every single part of your course creation, including choosing and creating the perfect lead magnet for your ideal audience. Interested? Check it out here!

How to choose the right lead magnet for your course

I always tell my students that the best lead magnet is the one that not only appeals to your audience but also appeals to you and your business model.

A few things to consider:

  • Ease of creation: Will it be too complicated to create, and will that inhibit you from taking action and getting it done?
  • Ease of consumption: What does your audience’s lifestyle look like? How do they prefer to consume information in between that lifestyle?
  • Ease of implementation: Can your audience take quick action on what they learn? Or is it so much content that they will have to put it into the “later” abyss.

Based on your responses, you’ll be able to assess which type of lead magnet is the best for you, your business, and your audience. 

If you need additional help with creating your lead magnet, choosing the best type of lead magnet, or even conducting the market research that will help you figure this out, I want to invite you to join Clients to Courses®!

We understand that lead magnets are a key component to your marketing, and we have lessons ready to get your opt-in ready to bring in your course sales!

Learn more about Clients to Courses® here. 

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