How to Easily Create Your Online Course Content [Part 5 of 7]


• In a world where there are very few guarantees, there is a way you can guarantee that a course will be worth your time and effort, BEFORE creating a single lesson, module or workbook. This is done through preselling.

• Preselling your course will save you months of wasted time and effort trying to create a course that may or may not be what your audience is willing to pay for.

• Once you’ve presold your course, you can then begin creating and delivering your course content. People won’t mind as long as you communicate that you’re doing this upfront.

Part 4 of 7: Choose an Online Course Topic that Sells

“They want it! They really want it!”


Of course they do!!!! That’s what happens when you are intentional about the course you are creating and have done the upfront work to make sure it’s the right one for your audience. HIGH FIVE!

Fun fact: The excitement that happens when a new course goes out into the world and sells never gets old!

You know the phrase “put your money where your mouth is?”

Well, this is the time to put your course content where your marketing mouth is.In other words, deliver on the promise you made on the course outline sold to your audience during your presale.

What this does NOT mean is to…

• Go out and invest in fancy tech tools, simply because you feel you “should” in an effort to either 1) attempt to blow your buyers away with 987 bells and whistles that will turn into a nightmare to maintain or 2) blindly replicate what someone else is using for their course, without any understanding as to why that was the right decision for them, their audience and their business.

• Begin firehosing your buyers with endless amounts of course content in an effort to prove your course is “worth” the investment they made. #nocoursebloat

• Get yourself caught up in professional video recording and editing, before knowing what changes need to be made, based on the feedback from those in this first beta round of your course.

Why? Because there are only three things your buyers care about at this point:

• You are providing them with what you promised on the date you promised it during your presale.

• You are providing it in a way they can easily navigate, consume and implement, which allows them to feel fully supported and taken care of.

• They can see, feel and/or experience wins/results for themselves along the way as a result of the work they are doing throughout your course.

If you are taking care of these three things, you are setting both your course up for success and your buyers with a great experience.

In fact, take a moment to think of courses you have purchased in the past.

Which ones have you loved so much you’ve recommended to others? Did they meet all three points above? And if so, did you care if they had a professional videographer? How about the number of lessons? Or did you simply love that they delivered on their promise, provided a great experience and wins/results?

In a world full of shiny objects, don’t forget what matters when it comes to creating a course.

Questions to ask to determine the easiest way to create your course content:


How do I work best when it’s time to create content?

When you look at the non-course related content you put out, when do you feel your most energized? What helps you feel your most creative? What environment allows you to focus best and for what periods of time? Pay attention to what has already shown to work best for you for other types of content creation so you can leverage it with your course content.

What types of content are easiest for me to create?

If it feels like pulling teeth trying to get yourself to sit down and record a video, pre-recorded videos aren’t going to work for you. However, having your beta buyers join you for a live session on Zoom, where you teach on the topic and then utilize the recording for future buyers may work best if you’d like built-in accountability and engagement. Or maybe you don’t enjoy video at all and audio content is your jam.

The goal here is to work with yourself instead of against yourself when creating your course content, which will not only allow you to create your content easily but genuinely enjoy it, too!

What type of support would help me during the creation period of my course content?

This could be someone to create the workbooks that go with your lessons, slide decks for teaching, transcripts creation or graphics. This could also be a partner temporarily taking on a little more to free up focused creation time for you.

The great thing about what you’re creating now is not one and done and you’re not trading time for money. This is work that will now work FOR you, over and over again. However, it’ does involve upfront work and it’s more than ok to call in some extra support during this time.

Pitfalls to Avoid at this Stage

Trying to create the “perfect course” for your buyers.

Courses will evolve and improve over time, based on the feedback from your audience, market changes and your own growth. This is why perfection is an unattainable goal. Allow yourself to give your best with what you have and where you’re at today and allow for changes along the way.

Underestimating your time.

How often do you think something will “only take about an hour” only to find out that wasn’t the case? Or, it really could have taken an hour but something came up that completely derailed your plans for the day? Give yourself grace by overestimating the amount of time you think it will take you to record or create your course content. If you get it done earlier, you win! If you get it done on time, you also win!

Avoiding "bad" feedback.

You won’t always get everything right. You’re human and that’s ok. This is why feedback matters and is not something you want to avoid (even if some of it can be hard to hear at times). This will allow you to see what’s working as well as what you can improve on, thus creating an even better experience for your buyers.

Your Next Step Forward

Want to work on creating a course that doesn’t just sell but also creates the kind of experience that has your buyers feeling fully supported as they are working through your course? Check out what we have available in the shop in our Create Your Course category!

Already have the course and the initial sales and now you want to get it out there in a bigger way? You’re ready to move onto the next step.


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