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We all hit a point (or a few!) in our businesses that cause us to step back and evaluate why we’re even doing all this in the first place.

In this episode, we’re going to take a deeper dive into what’s been going on for me, on a personal level, and why I believe that it’s no longer optional for entrepreneurs to not make the money they desire.

Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • An inside look at what I’ve been going through on a personal level, within the past few weeks, and how you may be going through the same thing.
  • How it’s not only ok to ask yourself “what’s this even for?” at multiple stages in your business but it can also signify serious growth.
  • Why purpose driven and heart-centric women need to step up and play a bigger role in their business’ bottom line.

The four most powerful ways we can need to earn more in order to create the change we are craving in our world right now.

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