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Sarah Hanford, named one of the Top 25 Social Media Managers by the Huffington Post, helps personal brands, e-commerce and entrepreneurs create a loyal and engaged following cultivated with strategic social media management, purposeful content creation & curation and engaging chat bots.

In this episode, we discuss the power of chat bots in online business and how to leverage them for yourself, in an authentic and powerful way.


Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • The moment in 2017 when Sarah realized the true power of chat bots for herself in creating an engaged and action-oriented audience.
  • Overcoming the fears around entering the “private space” of someone’s messenger box and how we can truly be a friend instead of “spammy.”
  • Why you don’t have to be techy in order to master chat bots (in fact, Sarah isn’t either!).
  • How to cultivate more customized solutions and connections within your audience through your chat bot efforts, with tagging.
  • The three most common mistakes that are made with chat bots and need to be avoided for a better user experience.

The difference between your chat bot and your email list and how to navigate using both within your business.

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