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At any given time, you are being told at least fifty different strategies  you should be implementing in order “to reach your goals”. However, that doesn’t mean they are the right fit for you. In fact, they could completely derail your momentum if you’re business isn’t in the right place for that strategy. So what do you say we simplify this?

In this episode we’ll talk about two of the biggest stages in business (growing and scaling), the common mistakes made in each stage, and how to know what stage you’re truly in to become laser focused on what’s best for you – now.


Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • The one biggest difference between the growing and scaling an online business.
  • Why not knowing and honoring the stage you’re at can cause increased overwhelm and decreased profits in your business.
  • A full  breakdown of what it means to be in the growth and scale stages so you can determine which is the best description for you.
  • The statement that everyone makes, that is a clear sign you have reached your cap and are ready to scale.
  • The most common changes that happen to your offers when you move from the growing to scaling stage.

When to bring systems and/or team members in your business in order to support your goals.

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