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As much as we all love the surprises that come along with being an entrepreneur, I’m sure we can agree that we don’t want our income to always be one of those.

In this episode, we’ll go over the five different ways you can create more predictability in your income to avoid starting each month at zero and embrace a business that fully serves you – personally and financially.

Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • The top symptoms of an entrepreneur who has been on the income rollercoaster for too long (hint: you’re not alone!)
  • Five options that you can apply to your business to expand your income streams for more predictable income, month to month.
  • How to find what offers in your business can be repackaged and leveraged in a new way that created more income opportunity for you.
  • The two calculations you need to know before moving forward with scaling your income in this way (with one of them being what many miss).

The decision that needs to be made in order to take the next step in your business so that it fully serves you – personally and financially.

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