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Tiana B. Clewis is a  Financial Lifestyle Coach, author and public speaker with her labor of love, Selah Financial Coaching.

Her universe is all about showing women how to walk in their truth by launching the service business of their dreams in the middle of paying family bills, destroying personal debt and, ultimately, building the life they’ve been dreaming about.

As a wife and mother to 4 small humans (5 if you include the dog), she knows what it’s like to work a J.O.B. that she hates because she was scared of leaving that “safe” paycheck in the midst of debt, money fights and my children’s needs. She’s here to show you that you CAN do both.


In this episode from the #womenrising series, we talk about the taboo subject of money, our experiences with debt, and why it’s vital to not only know how to manage it but to build a mindset that allows you to never be “in lack” again.


Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • What most people do in their businesses (and lives) that causes them to lose money faster than they earn it.
  • How to gain knowledge needed to make decisions in a more powerful and profitable way.
  • The advice she gives to her clients who are struggling with how to reach their big dreams within their current financial situation.
  • The most common mistakes we both made in growing our businesses (that you can avoid!)


Resources mentioned in this episode:

Where to find Tiana:

Facebook: @Selah Financial Coaching
Instagram: @selahfc

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