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Is productivity something you find yourself always looking for in your business but can never seem to get a grasp on? There’s a reason (and a solution).

In this episode, I talk with Business Productivity Coach Theresa Baretta — who teaches small business owners how to leverage systems and magnify their productivity, so they can work wisely and live life fully — about the true productivity hacks you need in your business to feel more ease and efficiency.


Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • Why adding more tools in your business could do more harm than good with your productivity efforts.
  • The only three things she recommends her clients focus on in order to fully honor both their business and themselves.
  • Why prioritization is a discipline that needs to be developed and how to prioritize your to do list in order to feel accomplished every day.
  • The power of embracing your unique working style so you can get more done in less time.
  • How to prepare your mind to let go of needing to control everything before tackling your to do list for the day.
  • What to do when a talk on your to do list doesn’t have a deadline and the power of the “someday list.”
  • The tools each of us are currently using in our businesses (nope, they aren’t the same!)



Resources mentioned in this episode:

Where to find Theresa:
IG: @loopcoachsulting
FB: loopcoachsulting
Website: looplinc.com

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