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Today there seems to be a quick fix diet program specific to every health issue.

The trouble with that is two-fold: 1) we are all unique so there’s no one size-fits-all-plan and 2) our bodies are always changing so what works for us right now might not work later.


In this episode, I talk with Holistic Health + Life Coach Dafne Wiswell on how we can break free of the most common myths that hold us back from having our best health, while growing our businesses.


Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • How our bodies don’t know the difference between good stress and bad stress and the impact it has on our health when we aren’t aware of how to navigate it.
  • Why it’s impossible to compartmentalize your health and businesses separately as the two serve each other.
  • The truths and signs of adrenal fatigue and why the number of women affected have been rising.
  • How genetics only plays a 20% part of your overall health.
  • The real reason why the nutrition or workout plan you’re using isn’t yielding results, no matter how consistent you are with it.
  • Identifying and overcoming victim mentality when it comes to your health and embracing the ability you have in this moment to take control of your future.


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