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Changes in business are never easy at first. They force you to challenge yourself, your beliefs and if you’re as committed to them as much as you say you are. When these changes are fully embraced though, they become powerful.

In this episode, we’ll go behind the scenes of the changes I’m making within my own business in serving those who are are looking to break free from a 1:1/DFY income reliant business and the steps I’m taking to navigate it.


Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • How I began to see when I was repeating past patterns that didn’t serve me within my business.
  • What 2017 taught me about embracing the messiness of pivots within business.
  • What came up in the conversations I was having with other women who had a 1:1/DFY business model, that wasn’t showing on social media.
  • The power of sustainability and alignment within your business.
    The difference between taking on 1:1 clients because you want to vs have to.
  • The five steps I take in order to navigate a change within my business.
  • Who I’m now focused on serving, why and what we did from a business standpoint to get in alignment with that change. 

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