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When you’ve made changes to who you serve, what you offer and/or your entire business as a whole… what happens to your list? This question can be scary for some but you’re about to see how incredible liberating it can be as you build it back up with the right people – who are fully aligned with where you’re heading.

In this episode, I’ll share the three things we’re currently doing to build my list back up as I lean into my own pivot and how you can do the same at any time in your business as well!

Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • Why I’ve needed to rebuild my own list with different changes I’ve experienced in business over the years.
  • How to know which opt-ins to keep and which ones to retire in your business so you can attract the right people who connect with your new messaging.
  • In what ways the stories you are sharing with those on your list, and in your funnels, needs to be upgrades along with your pivot.
  • How to evaluate the ways you’ve been growing your list in the past to see if they will still work for who you want to serve (and how, for most, they no longer do).
  • Why your list size is irrelevant to your next launch, until we see what the numbers are really showing for you.

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