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We hear it all the time… the power of increasing your income, impact AND influence. But what exactly does it mean to create the kind of influence that changes lives?

In this episode, I’ll go over the top four myths that come up for purpose-driven women who are looking to create a massive influence and how to overcome them by leveraging what you already have available to you in this moment!

Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • Why your numbers only play a small factor in your overall influence online.
  • The power of who you attract and how being pushy or confrontational to create influence, isn’t the way to win.
  • How to not let getting your message into the world become something that is time consuming and takes over the other areas of your business that need you.
  • Avoiding the “I’m not enough” trap when it comes to building influence that’s unique to you and your skill sets.
  • How to blend your story, experience, beliefs and system into your message to create a bigger influence, faster.
  • Dealing with feeling uncomfortable as you put yourself out there more.
  • How the integrity and authenticity you already have can become your biggest strength when increasing your influence.


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