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When your income is at a plateau in your business, it can be frustrating. You can question yourself, your abilities and sometimes… if you’re even cut out of this entrepreneurial journey. However, the truth is that this not only happens to everyone at some point in their business, but it can also be overcome. On this episode of the podcast, we’ll dive into the three key reasons income plateaus happen and what you can do to put an end to it.

Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • Why only having 1:1 offers can become the problem instead of the solution with scaling your business – and how to balance it.  [3:01]
  • How to end the constant hop from launch to launch in your business (while increasing your profits at the same time). [7:15]
  • How to know when to cut offers from your business that are no longer serving you. [10:11]
  • The most common mistake made by entrepreneurs who have put in the work but aren’t seeing the income increase they are looking for. [15:01]

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