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You know this is the year for you to scale your business but you also know that managing it all yourself is a one way ticket to burnout… now what?

You’re not alone.

In this episode of the podcast, we’ll break down the three biggest myths when it comes to outsourcing and how to build your team in a way that serves the needs of your individual business.


Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • How to find the right people for your growing team, no matter what your current budget is.
  • What you can outsource (for free!) in order to free up more time for sales generating activities.
  • Steps you can implement in order to  break free from the “no one can do it like me” mentality when it comes to outsourcing.
  • The 80/20 rule that will simplify what to outsource vs what do yourself.
  • The one question that changed outsourcing within my own business and how I now use it to accelerate my own growth.
  • A simple system you can implement in order to replace outsourcing insecurity with ease.

How you may be costing yourself more money than you realize in your business by not outsourcing.

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