There’s no secret that your email list matters when it comes to scaling your business.

And many of us are leveraging both organic and paid traffic in order to build that email list with people who truly connect with us, our mission and what we offer.

And from a numbers perspective it makes sense to do so…

If you convert an evergreen offer at 3% to your email list and you increase the amount of people leads into that funnel, you increase the amount of sales generated.

So then why the heck would I be deleting people?



1) First, my own evolution…

The list I’m clearing out has been building for years.

This means there are people on my list who connected to a completely different message, mindset and skillset than what I’m working with now.

What happens when people no longer connect to you?

They don’t open or buy (usually, both).

This means that while a list size may look good on paper, you’re not truly being in service to those people.

And I don’t know about you but keeping people on my list, just for the sake of some random list size number, isn’t appealing for me.

(And let’s be real, it would also really skew my launch projections and I’m never a fan of that.)

** Ask yourself: What did those currently on your list come to you for? Do you still serve in that way? Have your open rates been steadily decreasing?

Second, my audience’s evolution…

Just like you evolve, so does your audience.

Maybe they have found a certain style they connect with more. Maybe they no longer need the value you provide because they’ve reached the result they were looking for (yay!).

Or maybe they have completely given up in working towards getting the kind of result they wanted in the beginning (sad truth but it happens all the time).

I’m sure I had a mix of all three going on. It’s human nature.

** Ask yourself: When was the last time I did market research with those on my list to see where they’re at and what they’re looking for? And are the results showing what I now serve with?


At the end of it all, it comes down to connection.

The impact you’re looking to create with your list building efforts comes from your ability to create deep levels of connection with others.

And, while evolution can change the level of connection that happens, it’s necessary for growth.

Building a list back up with people who connect with you is easy.

In fact, here’s some resources to help you do so:

Holding onto anything in your business for the sake of vanity numbers?

That’s hard.

So as I say farewell to those who are choosing not to continue on this next evolution with me in helping women finally break free from a 1:1 reliant business so they can increase their profits AND freedom with scalable offers that run on autopilot…

I can’t help but feel thankful that we always have the opportunity in front of us to grow MORE in our business.

We simply have to be willing to align our actions with our desires (even when it’s scary).

Have you cleaned out your email list?

If so, what did you learn along the way?


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