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We all know boundaries are vital as you continue to grow and scale but… actually keeping them? That’s where the challenge comes in!

In this episode, I’m sharing the three most important boundaries I’ve needed to set within my business, along with the before and after of each so you can get a behind the scenes look at what it takes to truly put yourself first.


Episode highlights + takeaways:

  • What boundaries actually do for, not only yourself but, those around you.
  • The top signs that there are boundaries that need to be set and/or have been crossed.
  • The three boundaries that have made the most impact in my business and how I serve others.
  • What I want through on both the strategy and mindset side of applying this boundaries into my business (including the fears of what I thought people would think about me).
  • The game changing outcome of setting these three boundaries and how setting them created a ripple effect for those around me.
  • How I deal with those who don’t understand the boundaries that you’ve set.
  • Why I no longer believe that boundaries are negotiable when you are looking to achieve massive success.



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