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While you may know the power of outsourcing, it doesn’t always mean it’s easy. Am I right? In this week’s episode, let’s talk about what happens when outsourcing doesn’t go the way you had hoped, along with the five step process I use in order to handle a situation like this in my own business with more grace and ease.


Episode highlights + takeaways:


  • The surprisingly AMAZING first experience I had with outsourcing in my business.
  • What I learned after that experience and how outsourcing isn’t always sunshine and rainbows.
  • The importance of setting expectations from the beginning, before you hire someone new on to your team.
  • How much time I allow for a new team member to get “up to speed” with what’s going on in my business.
  • Why I believe it’s important to give time for on-boarding but to still be aware of any signs you’re seeing that could be red flags.
  • How to handle any red flags coming up and even find some mindset blocks you may be having in the process.
  • Why I believe it’s important to see where I’m at fault when something isn’t right within the team or with a team member.
  • Ways to constructively have a conversation around the expectations you are looking to have met and evaluate if changes are being made.
  • What to do if you have covered all four steps and it’s simply not working out.
  • Why someone not working out on your team doesn’t have to be a reflection of you or them but simply not the right fit together.




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