Evergreen with Ease® VIP Day

You + me + three hours together to shift you into an evergreen business model that generates consistent results for your buyers and sales in your business, each and every month.

Evergreen with Ease® VIP Day

You + me + three hours together to shift you into an evergreen business model that generates consistent results for your buyers and sales in your business, each and every month.

We could try to tiptoe around or use fancy marketing language but the truth is…

You want to earn more while working less.

And not just because it sounds good on a *social media highlight reel* but because you know this way of business will allow you to:

✔️ Get your work out to more people who need it, without continuing to sacrifice your personal time or time with those who mean the most to you.

✔️ Provide the same level of support to each and every client as their transformations and aha moments are no longer reliant on you being “on” to happen.

✔️ Become more intentional about where you and/or your team spend your time as it no longer needs to be everywhere (YAYYYYY!)

✔️ Live launch when you want to, not because you have to in order to generate revenue for the business for the month.

The only problem? There’s actually three…

⏰ Time
There’s only so much of it in a day and it’s already been feeling like a constant uphill climb to properly utilize yours. This means that anything you do from this point on needs to give you time back, not take more of it away.

🧠 Knowledge

You’re great at what you do but a way of business that can sell and serve, regardless of you being there? Not so much. This has been leaving you with more questions than action.

🙌🏼 Comfortability

There’s a level of comfortability with doing what you’ve always done and if all you’ve known is showing up live to generate sales in your business, the thought of evergreen brings up one “but what about…” after the next.

Put these three together and it’s no surprise that you feel like you’re on a constant roller coaster ride in your business.

🎢 Content ideas flood in and then… trickle.
🎢 Leads flood in and then… trickle.
🎢 Sales flood in and then… trickle.

You want stability and consistency and you’re becoming more and more aware that the way you’re currently running your business isn’t giving you either.

That’s where I come in. 😁

Hi, I’m Jess! 👋🏼

I help online business owners achieve freedom driven success through the power of scalable offers, evergreen sales funnels and connection-driven marketing. 

Throughout my decade of experience supporting online business owners, in both the B2B and B2C spaces, I have noticed that while there are different needs that arise at each stage of growth for a business, one thing remains the same: Business is simple. Humans are complex.

Whether you’re running a business that brings in a few thousand a month or a hundred thousand a month, there is a living, breathing human behind the scenes that is navigating the realities of life each and every day. You could fight against it and try to force yourself into a way of business that works for someone else or you can embrace who you are and how you work best in this season of your life to catapult your results and happiness, at the same time.

Evergreen offers and funnels are how I have helped myself and countless clients do this over the years and I’m excited to support you as well!

Choose Your VIP Day:

We have two Evergreen with Ease® VIP Day options to choose from to meet you where you’re at currently.

Evergreen with Ease®: Create

Have the expertise but NOT the scalable offer that makes you scream “YESSSSSS! Let’s go all in with this and evergreen it to the moon!!!!” You’ll want the Create level.

• Onboarding + Pre-Work

• 3 Hour 1:1 Intensive Including:
○ Nailing Your Niche
○ Developing Your Evergreen Offer and Buyer Onboarding Experience
○ Auditing Your Tech
○ Creating Your Sales Plan

• Customized Evergreen with Ease™ Implementation Plan (including direct links to my personal arsenal of checklists, swipes, templates, etc. to make implementation easier… that are yours to keep!)

• 30 Day Voxer Support

$4,500 USD

Payment plan available.

Evergreen with Ease®: Automate

Have the scalable offer that you and your audience are loving but want more sales? How about sales without live launching or promoting on social media all day every day? You’ll want the Automate level.

• Onboarding + Pre-Work

•  3 Hour 1:1 Intensive Including:
Aligning Your Full Offer Suite
Mapping Your Evergreen Funnel
Auditing Your Tech
Creating Your Evergreen Marketing Plan

• Customized Evergreen with Ease® Implementation Plan (including direct links to my personal arsenal of checklists, swipes, templates, etc. to make implementation easier… that are yours to keep!)

• 30 Day Voxer Support

$4,500 USD

Payment plan available.

Included with all Evergreen with Ease® VIP days

After a decade in the online space, with five of them including this work specifically, it’s safe to say I have checklists, swipes and trackers for every stage of the process. It's also safe to say that the last thing you need right now is to be firehosed with “stuff.”

What's the balance between the two?

With your Evergreen with Ease® Implementation Plan, you will find direct links to resources that go with the specific action step you’re taking in order to fast-track implementation even further. Whether it's a swipe file, template, KPI tracker or guide, anything provided on your Implementation Plan is yours to keep beyond our time together and can be reused anytime you are creating and/or automating the sales of an offer!

A VIP day is right for you if you are looking for…


You want a fully customized approach to evergreen offers and sales that aligns with your specific business, goals, audience and values.


You are the type of person who doesn’t need accountability to show up and do the work. However, you need an expert who can make sense of all the ideas and questions in your head so you can move forward with both the how to and the why behind what you’re creating.



You don’t have the time or the desire to try and figure everything out on your own. You have a life to live, a business to run and money to make… all of which have been easier for you to navigate over the years with support.


"I had my first $100k launch, almost doubled my 1:1 rates, grew my team, launched a new mastermind AND got to spoil my family and friends with amazing experiences in the process of it all!

Jessica's support, her wisdom, her ideas, her know-how were just what I needed. I was scared of FB ads...we made “unicorn” ads. I was scared of funnels… we made it feel good and mapped it out. I was scared to scale and Jess helped me make it feel good to grow!"

Emily King, Wealth and Abundance Coach

"I've had so many wins working with Jessica! I've grown my team, asked new questions of my business to solve problems I never knew I had. I got more comfortable with trying new things. Throughout our time together, I created a free mini training, my Time Management Made Simple program and my membership Leverage Lab. I also created an entire training and membership site to deliver those programs as well as multiple funnels with tripwire pages, OTO offers, flash sale emails, nurture emails to build the relationship with my audience. I always felt incredibly supported!!"

Amber De La Garza, The Productivity Specialist

"Jess was so massively supportive. Every time I reached out, she helped me through my stuck points or helped me talk through ideas. I was able to have a smooth launch and enrolled 7 amazing people into my program. That was a total of $31,500 in revenue!"

Erika Tebbens, Sales Strategist + Coach

"I was feeling a bit overwhelmed with the pivot in my business, and I had a list of all the things I needed to do; including upping my visibility; but didn't know how to tackle them all. Jessica took what was in my head and made it into an actionable plan - broken out into doable chunks vs. trying to do all the things at once. I also was accepted into Forbes with the pitch we created together a few weeks later!"

Emily Murnen, Owner & Founder at Wild Elm

"Jessica gave me the clarity to know exactly what to do next to scale my business, what to specifically build on, while making sure the future actions I take in my business with move it further towards my goals. She is beyond helpful and generous with her resources!"

Kay Fabella, D&I Consultant

"I was able to simplify so much - one offer, one focus area, simplifying my lead generation system. I am really confident in HOW I'm delivering my program too. I feel like I can have a life, yet still give my clients a great experience. I feel so much happier and I also know that this new business sets me up for financial success."

Jennifer Nagel, Founder of Success Revolution

"I have been doing 1:1 coaching for 5 years but only started working on courses and scaling in the past year. It felt like being a newbie all over again but Jess was always on hand with reassurance, ideas and support! The 1:1 element with Voxer is next level."

Angela Clucas, Nutrition Coach

"Investing in Jessica Rodriguez is by far the best investment I have made so far in my business.  She surpassed my every expectation as a mentor and helped my business thrive even in the toughest of times. If you are contemplating working with Jess, know that you will not be disappointed!  Her expertise will trigger massive shifts in your life and business that will forever change your direction for the better."

Rachel Krampe, Marketing and Business Advisor

"I’ve had the biggest mindset shifts ever, built one of my first funnels to my signature course and created a waitlist with ready to buy buyers!

It’s NOT just another investment and Jess isn't just any other coach. Everyone says "I wish I'd joined sooner", which is super cliché but also true."

Jenn Rodriguez, Spiritual Mindset Coach

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