Did you hear that?! It was me screaming with excitement from my corner of the world because I know the power that is about to come from what’s on its way to your inbox right now!


Below you will find the next two steps for getting started.

Step 1: Access Your Calculator

As much as I love the many surprises that come with being a business owner, I do NOT want my income to be one of them. 🙅🏻‍♀️ Agreed?

If so, we’re about to have a lot of fun together because what we’re about to dive into is how an evergreen business model that sells course or group program on autopilot can not only generate consistent results for your buyers but also consistent monthly revenue for YOU! It starts with…. your numbers!

Step 2: Let’s Connect on Instagram

Instagram is my favorite place to hang out and I love connecting with other business owners over there as well! Feel free to pop in my DMs to let me know you’re running your evergreen numbers so I can personally cheer you on!