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Finding Clarity in Business When Everything Feels Messy

It’s easy to show up and serve on the days that feel good.

Content is flowing from you so quickly, you’re afraid you’re going to forget something good. You get on a call and hit *that moment* with a client/member where you know you just helped them make a massive shift. The to-do list is getting smaller and you’re patting yourself on the back like the boss you are.

Then there are the other days.

The ones that aren’t all sunshine and rainbows.

They are the days that have you questioning everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) about yourself and your business.

What do I even talk about right now?
Does anyone even care about what I have to say?
Am I even meant to be doing this work?
Should I be doing something else?
What if I’m wrong about everything?
What if I’m right and then convince myself I’m wrong and give up too early?
What if I’m just fooling myself here?

Most times, these off days hold no real power. You journal or talk it out, realize what you need to do and take action accordingly.

But what happens when those feelings of uncertainty and doubt stay? Not just for the day but for weeks or even months?

We Must Slow Down to Speed Up

We live in a society that loves to promise that if we just work harder and/or faster, that things will magically work out.

However, we both have been in business long enough to know that that’s not true. There are so many more factors at play into someone’s success than how much they work.

One of those being that you can’t build a house on a shaky foundation.

And if you are going through a long period of uncertainty and doubt, the only thing working on top of it will do is 1) burn yourself out and/or 2) massively extend your timeline for success.

This is why you are going to need to slow down before you speed back up. (And don’t worry fellow achiever, the slow down doesn’t even have to be that long. In fact, by doing this slow down, everything that happens after is now done faster so you’re actually coming out positive!)

10 Minutes to Clarity

This exercise came to me five years ago when I was at one of my lowest points of business. (I go into much more detail about this time in this blog: What I Wish Every Woman in Business with Anxiety Knew)

It also continues to be my go-to way to gain clarity, any time I need it.

Between bringing new team members on, pivoting my offers, exploring different business ideas and traveling more… the list goes on as to what this exercise has helped me to see with a clear lens throughout the years.

However, it will only work if you are 100% open and honest with yourself.

No censoring.
No holding back.
No “right” answers.

This is meant to be a free flowing exercise for you and only you.

Grab a piece of paper that can hold space for the below five prompts and let’s get to it!

1. What I feel:
How are you feeling right now? Remember, anything goes here and you do no favors to yourself by holding back.

2. What I want:
What are you seeking right now? Write whatever words of phrases come to mind.  This could be something tangible or a feeling… your call. Write until you have nothing left.

3. What I don’t want:
What are you O-V-E-R right now? Just like the first prompt, you’re writing and words or phrases that come to mind and you are writing until nothing is left.

4. Why I allow it:
Why are you allowing what you’ve just listed to happen? This isn’t a call to beat yourself up but to simply acknowledge the truth as to why things are feeling the way they are right now.

5. What I need to do:
Sometimes a single thing will pop into your mind and other times it will be a list. Either way, get it all out.

The Real Test

Our goal was to get to what came up in step five.

The very first thing you wrote there is the thing that’s been keeping you in a place of indecision and uncertainty in your business and needs to be addressed for you to move forward in a way that’s aligned for you.

Without doing so, you’re back to trying to “work through” an unstable foundation.

Here’s the thing though… what came up for you is probably something that isn’t all that comfortable. Which is exactly why it hasn’t happened already.

It’s also the thing that’s holding you back from everything you just wrote that you wanted.

This is where the biggest test comes in. The test of trusting yourself enough to take action, even when it’s uncomfortable.

Make the changes.
Have the conversations.
Set the boundaries.

And, as you do, you’ll start to find that your business is feeling light again.

Funny how that works, right? 😉

At the end of the day, the truth remains the same – YOU are in complete control of both your business and life. Which also means that, at any time, you can take that first step towards changing it.

Now you know exactly what that  first step is, for the whopping price of free ninety-nine.

Now, let’s go make it happen.

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