What do you do when you hear the word NO in your business?


Do you let it stop you or keep moving forward.. and what does that choice say about your success?

We landed in FL this past weekend to get on our cruise and as we got in line I realized we didn’t have our passports. To leave a US port, you need your passport or birth certificate. Insert major freak out mode right here.


I walked over to one of the staff and ask if it can be faxed. They tell me no, sorry, they need original docs.


“What am I supposed to do?”
“Find a flight back home, unfortunately. There’s nothing we can do.”


A big fat no.


There I was with tears streaming down… I can’t believe I just messed this up for us. I ask someone else just bc you know how it is…. Sometimes you have to ask the right person. Nope. No go.


So I stand there trying to hold back tears and then the entrepreneur fire hit me.. “hell no, i’m not going out without a fight!”


I call the cruise line directly and they tell me it’s not possible but I can try calling the emergency line if I want but they will say the same.


Another no.


I call them and she says she’s sorry but there’s nothing she can do.


Another no.


I ask for a supervisor and let them know I have someone who can fax it this very moment and can something be done, can she please help us.

A yes.


An hour later we had copies of our birth certificates fresh from the fax and were handed our cards to get onto the ship.




What would have happened if I accepted the first no?


I would have been sitting at the airport, trying to get a flight back home, livid. Instead, we now have a story I’m sure no one will let me live down ? and a lesson on perseverance. ?


How am I able to push through a no in a situation like this and get this result? Because when you’re an entrepreneur, hearing no is a challenge to keep going… never the final say.

Entrepreneurs get that no is a part of the process but that those who are successful, push past them.


Keep overcoming the nos… They’re simply a test of your belief.