Ever wish you had more TIME in your day to build your business?

Ok… we probably all do.

At any given time, it can feel like we’re juggling #allthethings… work, everyday life, family, self care, spouses. Oh, and don’t forget you have to actually eat too, right?

When I was first starting my first online business back in 2012, I was working four other jobs and up to 80 hours a week, just trying to make ends meet.

Let me break that down this way…. some days I left the house at 7:30 am and came back the following morning at 2am (ouch).

Yet… despite the crazy schedule I had, I was still able to create an online business that allowed me to replace that income, in just under a year.

Wait… WHAT?! HOW?!

For me, it came down to focusing on twenty minutes of focus at a time.

Yes, I said twenty minutes.

These 20 minute minute sprints in the day that cut the busy work so I could get laser focused with my time by spending it on what actually brought RESULTS in my business.

It wasn’t long before I realized that other entrepreneurs needed a strategy for results as well.

A simple and proven formula to follow in order to not only define but stay focused on their income producing activities each day. Essentially ending the to-do list overwhelm and replacing it with real forward momentum in their business, every single day.

It was at that point, the 20 Minute Sprint to Success Daily Business Checklist was born (you can download it right here).


Here’s the full breakdown of how this can be applied to YOUR business….



Your first sprint of the day is all about outgoing activities in your business – typically done first thing in the morning and with a clear mind.

The goal is to get out there and take outgoing ACTION on your income producing activities. Most entrepreneurs who are not seeing the results they want in their business, are skipping this sprint and instead spending time scrolling their newsfeed, creating graphics, editing websites, ect. None of which are going to bring them a profitable business. 

Focused outgoing action will.

The outgoing sprint includes: Social media posts (live or scheduled), follow ups with potential clients, booking discovery calls, ect. (You can get the full checklist for your outgoing sprint here).


Now that you’ve taken action, you can take in any new knowledge. There’s a difference between learning and doing… the goal here is to only take in new information once you have been taking action. That’s why this sprint is AFTER your outgoing sprint.

The incoming sprint includes:  Personal development, podcasts, coaching programs, webinars, ect. (You can get the full checklist for your incoming sprint here).


I have no doubt that success comes from the quality of relationships you develop and the value you give to others. The connection sprint is your opportunity to do just that and show the tribe you are building that you are here for them.

During this sprint, anything that involves responding to others happen. This was key for me to have as the third sprint so that I didn’t get caught answering e-mails or spending hours in Facebook groups responding to questions before I’ve completed the activities that are going to build that continued momentum in my business.

Connection is important but save it for after your outgoing and incoming activities (just trust me).

The connection sprint includes:  responding to messages in you inbox, commenting on social post responses from earlier in the day, relationship building/answering questions in FB groups, ect. (You can get the full checklist for your incoming sprint here).

With these sprints taking up the very first hour of my business time, this kept me consistently focused on the activities that would have the MOST impact on my business.

Every day, I would use this checklist and either complete each twenty minute sprint throughout the day or stack them together into one power hour.

That’s the beauty of this plan, you can customize it to your needs for the day.


“Wait, wait, WAIT!”

“What about all the other things we need to do in order to grow our business?”


Oh yea, I can hear you from over here.

Sure, we all know that the things I mentioned in those first sprints matters BUT we also know there’s more to business than that.

There’s opt-ins, content creation, launching courses, webinars, ect. There’s no way you’re skipping those, right? 

That’s where your bonus sprint comes in.

Each week, you will identify one area of focus that you need to work on in your business and your bonus sprint(s) will be used for that.

For example, let’s say you are creating your first opt-in.

Go ahead and start the day with sprints 1-3, as usual. Once those are done, you can use any remaining time you have to work on your business that day to work on anything related to your opt-in (outline, design, e-mail funnel,ect.)

Yes, instead of doing 839,393 things each week (and having a bunch of unfinished projects as a result), instead you’re going to get in the habit of focusing on one thing at a time, seeing it to completion and getting FASTER progress in your business as a result!


Now that you know you are taking steps forward every day that will grow your business business, you can work on anything else your business may need.

Each week, focus on ONE thing you need to complete, outside of your sprints and work on that when you have additional time.

If you have more time than planned one day, great! Go ahead and get more done on your weekly focus. If not, you’re still making forward progress by getting your other sprints done that day.

This bonus sprint can include: opt-ins, sales pages, program creation, web content, ect.

There you have it, my 20 Minute Sprint to Success formula to keep you on track towards your goals and focused forward….

Yes, even if you’re still working a 9 to 5.
Yes, even if you have little ones at home.
Yes, even if your schedule changes from day to do.

You don’t have to work work an insane amount of hours in order to build a successful business.

You simply need to zero in on the activities that will make the most impact on your business, and focus only on that.