You have probably seen the below triangle as it relates to business but what about… life? Where you are juggling different things at a given time in life and it feels like when you excel in one area… another plummets?



For me, the biggest things that take focus are my fitness/nutrition, my business and becoming debt free. I don’t add my marriage in there because honestly, I am truly fortunate that ours is very strong and I honor it above anything naturally BUT….


  • When I was in a fitness test group at the end of last year and was on FIRE….. I was spending money like crazy (not on something I needed either.. just dumb spending)
  • When I set a goal of going debt free this year and started attacking debt with a sledgehammer, my eating went off course
  • When my businesses are having crazy high months, I want to go out to eat and celebrate and go on vacation… there goes those nutrition and money corners.


I was talking to a few friends about this when I had an aha moment… I was forcing myself into the triangle.


Yes, you can have it ALL.. but it doesn’t mean it’s all going to be 100% all the time… ESPECIALLY when something is new.


Actually being serious about annihilating our debt and saying no to things was new.

Starting our third online business was new.

Taking my fitness to a different level was new.


I tried to master ALL the new things ALL at the same time.


I wasn’t giving myself grace and instead trying to be perfect at all three new things instead of allowing one success to on top of another.

I was demanding self-perfection in an imperfect world.
The moment I realized this, the mindset switched and the weight released from my shoulders. The same can happen for you.

Perfection will never get you to your goals but forward steps everyday and giving your personal best, will. We’re not here to be perfect, we’re here to try, fail, succeed and then go ahead and do it all over again in different areas… simply giving our best.

Release the pressure you’ve put on yourself and embrace the journey.