At this point in your business you know a lot about… a lot.

It’s something your clients continuously benefit from as it allows you to be able to both determine what they need and provide them with the appropriate knowledge, resources and/or tools necessary in order to get them to their desired result.

It’s also why the thought of turning your 1:1 or Done For You expertise into course can feel so daunting.

“I cover a lot with my clients. How can I possibly fit that all in one course?”

The short answer?

You don’t.

The long answer?

Well, that’s what this week’s blog is all about as we dive into how to determine the right course topic for your specific business and audience.

Because, just like when you work with clients in a 1:1 or Done For You capacity, what you choose for your course topic also needs to be strategic and intentional.

So, let’s go ahead and do exactly that!

The Profitable Course Topic Sweet Spot

When you are looking to add a course into your business, there are a lot of questions that can (and will) come up.

And a majority of them can only be answered by you, as the business owner.

However, when it comes to the question of which topic to create your course on, the answer isn’t within you. It’s within your audience.

One of the biggest mistakes I see business owners make, when it comes to courses, is choosing the topic of the course themselves.

This is done from a good place. However, a good place and a place of service are not always the same thing.

A place of service (and sales!) happens when you are able to to solve the most pressing problem your audience feels they are experiencing.

That last sentence is important here because the most pressing problem your audience feels they are experiencing is different from what you know the actual problem to be… and the difference between the two makes all the difference in the success of your course.

Where the Answer to Your Most Profitable Course Topic Lies

How do you know what their most pressing problem is?

Market research.

Now, when I say market research I’m not talking about questions you posted in your free community, polls from Instagram Stories or responses to previous emails. I’m talking about very specific and intentional questions, asked in a specific order and to the right people.

Creating a market research survey will typically take about thirty minutes to put together in either GoogleForms or Typeform and one week to promote a few times to your current audience.

When done correctly, you will not only know the course your audience is ready to buy but also how to market it to them.

How important is doing this?

Let me give you an example from my own business.

Most of the people I work with believe their most pressing problem is:
Exhaustion and  and feeling that their business isn’t at the level of growth they expected it to be at this point, regardless of all the time and energy they have put in.

They believe the solution to this is to:
– Create a scalable offer that brings consistent income into each month so they don’t have to rely on 1:1 and DFY client work.
– Have an action plan that is specific to their business, gets results and is worth their time to implement.
– Attract more people via social media and/or their list in order to scale.
– Automate the process and/or grow their team so they can spend more time living vs working.

The solution I created was Clients to Courses® which shows them how to effectively create, launch and scale an online course. It not only solves their most pressing problem but does so in a way that speaks their language.

No guesswork. No wasted time. No wasted energy.

I simply did the market research, and put the answers to work.

If your market research has been conducted within the past six months, take a look through it and see if the following have been answered:

  • Their biggest struggle, in relation to the work you do.
  • What they have tried to do in order to solve that struggle themselves. (courses, coaches, books, therapy, etc.)
  • Their dream solution to getting the result they want.
  • What they feel has been preventing them from getting what they want.

Not sure how to ask these questions for your specific audience and/or get responses? Check out the Presell + Profit Method™ where you’ll be provided with everything you need to master your market research as a part of our proven framework for getting paid to create your first or next course!

If you have clear answers to the above, pass go and collect your $200.


Yes, the uppercase above is intentional because I already know someone will read this and try to skip it and go to what feels more “fun.” If that’s you, let me remind you that SALES are fun too, and this will get you there/

However, I will also tell you that  I’ve worked with countless businesses over the years and, nine times out of ten, those who come to me with a course that isn’t selling either skipped market research completely or did it wrong. 

Those who are earning five and six figures from their course? They not only did market research but continue to do it twice a year as it supports their business as a whole.

In other words, it matters.

Choosing Your Profitable Course Topic

The great thing about doing market research in an intentional and strategic way is that your audience is going to tell you exactly what they are struggling with and how they want it solved.

All you need to bring to the table is your spy glass and expertise as you read through the responses.

Some questions that will help you with this are:

  • What is the most common struggle your audience is facing, that aligns with your expertise?
  • Of those with that most common struggle, what do you see about what they’ve been trying in order to overcome that pain point?
  • Why isn’t what they are trying working for them?
  • What do they really need in order to get the result they want?

The answers to these questions will reveal what your audience is looking for the most from you and will become your course topic.

That is, as long as you allow it to be this easy and don’t let your mind try to overcomplicate it, of course! 😉

The thing I love about this is it eliminates the tendency to try and shove years worth of 1:1 or DFY knowledge into one offer (which completely overwhelms you and your audience) and instead, allows you to go in-depth with what your audience needs currently.

This also allows for other offers down the road as you continue to grow and scale.

Validating Your Profitable Course Topic

Now that you have identified your most profitable course topic, it’s time to validate it.

The only way to validate your course with 100% accuracy? Preselling.

Preselling is when you sell your course BEFORE you’ve created any videos, workbooks, audios, etc.

It’s also the most profitable and time-saving way to create a new course as it allows you to have cash, up front, before putting in the work.

You can presell through a variety of methods, which I share inside the Presell + Profit Method™, however; I’ll give you a quick one here to get started with.

Take a look at your market research. Who had the struggle you are solving with your course?

Reach out to them individually and let them know that you are creating a course, based on their feedback, and would like to invite them to join the very first round of it.

TIP: I prefer to give those coming into the first round of an offer (aka the beta) a special price, as a thank you for being an early adopter.

Once you’ve hit your goal for sales, you can then begin creating and delivering the course to those who have purchased.

What Is Your Profitable Course Topic?

I want to hear about it! Head on over to @freedomdrivensuccess on Instagram and let me know what came up for you.

Want to simplify adding a brand new online course developed and selling in your business, in just 14 days? Check out the Presell + Profit Method™

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