As of this writing, every single business I’ve built has been in the online space and started with a small audience.

I’m not someone who is “connected” locally. I’m also not someone who likes to attend a ton of in-person events #introvertlife. And I’m also not someone who has a big family or friend group.

In fact, I can guarantee that anyone reading this who knows me on a personal level, connected to me because of what I do online.

I say this because I’ve experienced, both first hand and multiple times over, how powerful (and profitable) the audience you build online can be.

I’ve also seen that the size of the audience is nowhere near as important as what you are doing with that audience.

In fact, let me prove it to you.

I just pulled some of the numbers on the social media accounts I currently have.

My lowest following on a social media account I own right now is 801 and my highest following on an account I own right now is 21,324. My email lists range from a small but mighty 232 up to 5,196.

All are generating an income right now. Yes, even the ones with a small audience.


Because of what I’m about to share with you.

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When You Know How to Succeed with A Small Audience, You Can Break “Industry Standards”

As much as I love the online space, I’m sure we can both agree that it comes with it’s fair share of shortcomings.

One of those is the belief that your follower number/list size is a direct correlation to your income potential.

On the surface, I can understand how this makes sense.

Let’s say you are calculating the sales of a passive course at the 2%-5% “industry standard” conversion rate.

You do the math and realize that you need a lot more people than are in front of you right now in order to hit your sales goal.

However, what if the connection with your audience was so strong that you were converting beyond “industry standards” at 10-15%?

I’ll show you!

If you want 20 people in your program you’ll need:

  • 1,000 leads at a 2% conversion rate
  • 200 leads at a 10% conversion rate

Which leads to the question… Do you really need a bigger audience right now or to learn how to connect with your audience you already have on a deeper level that shows you truly understand them and their needs.

It makes a difference.

This is also where your beliefs and daily actions come into play.

To Succeed with a Small Audience, You Must Show Up Differently.

Our actions are dictated by our beliefs and if you believe that your audience isn’t “big enough” it’s going to be difficult for you to consistently show up.

And, instead of consistently showing up, you find yourself playing the convincing game.

You convince yourself that you’ll email your list when there’s more than 50/100/1,000/any random number of people on it.
You convince yourself that you’ll start sharing more on social media when people engage with you more.
You convince yourself that if only more of the “right people” found you, business would be easy.

The truth?

If you can’t or won’t show up and connect with those following you right now… what makes you think you should have more?

Because you’ve been in business a certain amount of time?
Because you made three posts last week?
Because you just… want more?

That’s not how it works and as much as I have stared at these words to see if I could soften this statement up, it’s the truth.

When you see every person who follows you as the living and breathing person they really are and show up for them in that way, you create a powerful presence that can be FELT.

When you are only seeing people as a number that’s never enough for you, people can feel that too.

And I’m sure you can guess who they buy from… The person who shows up for them.

If you’d like to work on how you’re showing up, I want you to start with asking yourself what would be your DREAM audience size.

Seriously, think of that number in your head.

Have it?

Ok, now how would you show up once you have that number? What would be the same? What would be different?

Write everything down that comes to mind.

And now, I want you to make a commitment to yourself to start showing up that way TODAY.

Because the one, five, fifty, twelve hundred, etc. that follow you right now matter and when you can be faithful with the little things, you become the ruler of much.

(Yes, that was a butchering of a Bible verse at the end there but the premise still holds true.)

The Revenue-Generating Opportunities to Connect that Are Only Available with a Small Audience

As your business and audience grows, there are certain things that change.

One of those is your personal capacity as there’s simply only so much of you to go around.

This is where those who have small audiences have an advantage, as they still have the ability to do things that those with a larger audience simply can’t anymore.

Use it to your advantage.

Here’s a few examples of things that you can be doing to connect with your audience at its current size, that becomes harder to do as you scale.

Social Media

  • Sending personalized DMs to those who are following you to connect and get to know them and their needs better. (Let me state that again… PERSONALIZED. No one enjoys an obvious copy paste).
  • Choosing one person a day to send a quick message to in order to let them know what you appreciate about their content.
  • Responding to every comment or DM.


  • Asking for responses on your email (and both reading and responding to them all!)
  • Sending bonus trainings or a free calls to those who are the most engaged on your email list #justbecause.
  • Invite everyone in your audience to an open Zoom happy hour where they can connect with others and to you for an hour.

During a Live Launch

  • Personally sending messages to those who were on your webinar/livestream to connect with them to get their direct thoughts.
  • Offer to get on the phone and chat with anyone interested in your program, regardless of the price point.
  • Record custom welcome videos and/or videos for those who have been to your sales page but didn’t purchase.

… These are just a few of the things you can do that can increase your bottom line because you’re able to connect with people on a deeper level and lead them to a conversation about your offers, when the need for it reveals itself.

They’re also things that others in your industry can no longer do.

In fact, some of the things I listed above I can no longer do at this point.

However, they all have helped me to both stand out from others in the industry and to learn more about those who follow me and how I can help them.

Want to learn how to organically stand out from the masses, accelerate your visibility, and amplify your sales… all in a way that is unique to you, your personality and how you work best? Click here to learn more about 90 Days to Influential!

Small Audiences Can Be Powerful and Profitable Asset (If You Allow Them To Be)

Are you ready to leverage your small audience in a way that allows people to connect with you on a level that goes far beyond vanity metrics?

If so, I want to hear from you! Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram and let me know one thing you’re going to be doing this week to show up for your current audience.

It’s amazing to see how when you focus on that, the growth takes care of itself. 🙂

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