Raise your hand if you’re someone who considers your business to be in a saturated market.

Now, take your other hand and high five yourself with it because the reality is that this means two things:

  1. There is a need for the work that you do.
    If not, people wouldn’t be looking for solutions for it and business owners wouldn’t keep creating offers to meet that need. In other words, people want what you offer and the market is proof of that.
  2. No one can solve this problem like you can.
    This is proven by the fact that the problem still exists. If it was already solved, there would be no reason for you, or anyone else, to build a business to solve it.

Now, you’ve been in business long enough to logically understand these two points.

However, you’re also a human being with your own fears, hesitations and doubts at play – all of which can quickly shut down logic.

As someone who has created and scaled multiple businesses in the online space, throughout the past eight years, I can tell you that all but one were in saturated markets.

I can also tell you that the “secret” to standing out in any saturated market is the same as it was back in 2012.

If you want to stand out, you have to get out of the middle of your industry.

This is something I teach inside Clients to Courses® as no amount of work or offers available matters if no one knows who you are.

Want to Stand Out on Social Media? Start with the Right Question.

Before we get started, there’s an important thing to acknowledge.

No one is you and that is your business’ true superpower.

Regardless of your business model or how many people are on your team, you’re the foundation of it all.

This means that the more you can identify and leverage the parts of you that make you different, the more you’re able to stand out in a sea of sameness.

The hard part of this? You are the closest person to yourself, which means that it can be hard to see the parts of you that make you different from others.

Because, for you, it’s normal.

That’s why we’re going to go through the below exercise so that you don’t fall into the trap of discounting the stand out factors you actually have.

To start, we’re going to enlist the help of three groups of people.

  • GROUP 1: Your close friends in everyday life.
    These are 3-5 people that you have probably known for a sizable period of your life and know details about you that most don’t. They most likely don’t understand your business, but support it because they support you.
  • GROUP 2: Your business circle of friends.
    These are 3-5 people that understand you on a business level, because they’re business owners too. They are the people you are doing peer masterminds with and/or in other similar communities with. 
  • GROUP 3: Any clients, buyers, business friends or followers that you met at an in-person event, first.
    This group will be optional, depending on how you operate in your business. However, you will choose 3-5 people who you have connected with and/or networked with at an in-person event BEFORE they became a client, buyer, friend or follower. This means they saw something in you that attracted them to stay connected after meeting you in-person. If you are a speaker, attend events or host events, you will most likely have this group.

Your goal?

To the people you’ve identified in each of these groups, the following question…

What do you love and/or appreciate about me?

This can be via text, email, phone call or DM. Essentially, however you typically talk to this person.

The goal is to get an honest answer of why those who already know, like and trust you…. know, like and trust you.

Now, I already know that the likelihood of you reading that and having your eyes practically pop out of your head is high because it feels like an awkward question to ask someone.

However, I’ve been doing and having others do this exercise for years and I can tell you that the outcome is well worth the few minutes of awkwardness.

If it helps, you can preface this question with the fact that you need to ask them something in order to help with your business and how you show up.

NOTE: As I mentioned above, I’ve done this with myself and women I support in business for years and can tell you that when your business owner friends learn about this exercise, 9 times out of 10, they will ask you to do the same in return. Don’t forget to return the favor for them!

The reason we’re asking these three groups this question is because they all know you in different ways. However, you’ll be able to see some quite a few commonalities from it that we’ll use later.

The Commonalities Show How You Can Stand Out Social Media

Once you have all of your responses, we can use them in order to see what your specific stand out qualities are.

When looking at everything that has been said to you, what are the commonalities?

You’ll want to highlight these commonalities as they are showing what your personal “secret sauce” is because it’s exactly how you naturally attract people to you, without even trying.

In other words, they’re your personal stand out qualities.

And once you know what these are, you can leverage them in everything you do in order to simplify attracting more of the right people.

Stand Out on Social Media By Leveraging What You’ve Learned.

With your top 2-3 stand out qualities in mind, it’s time to hold them against your social media presence.

Head over to your most used social platform(s) and do a quick evaluation of the past month of content.

Does your audience get to see those stand out qualities too? Do they get to experience you in the same light others who already know, like and trust you do? If not, why not?

For many people I have worked with, this is the disconnect in their business when it comes to attracting more people who want what they offer.

They think it’s because their market is “too saturated” and/or they are “too late” to it.

The reality is that they aren’t using their personal stand out factor to their advantage.

Either because they haven’t thought of it this way before or because there is a fear of being “too much” for people and/or potentially “pushing people away.”

Running a business that way keeps them in the middle and the middle of your industry is the least profitable and least impactful.

How so?

Well, since no one is sure why you’re different from the other people in your industry that offer this same solution, they assume you are just like the person who sold them the last solution that didn’t work.

And that’s the last thing they want when they are seeking something different.

Want to Stand Out on Social Media Even More? Triple It.

This is where things get fun!

Now that you have identified your stand out qualities, it’s time to OWN them. Big time.

How do we do that?

By 3Xing everything you are seeing on your stand out qualities list.

This means making the commitment that you are going to be so YOU, that it will push people away.

It also means you will fast track bringing in those who are meant to be around you.

This could include multiplying anything from your beliefs to your personality or way of working.

No matter what it is, you are fully embracing all of these pieces of you, knowing that they won’t be for everyone (and being ok with that).

Because, the truth is, when you are focused on trying to reflect your “competitors” and/or what you think people want from you, you tone yourself down.

And when you tone yourself down, you lose.

Need proof?

Think about the brands and/or influencers you follow and what you know about them.

I can guarantee you that the first few things you came up with is what they have 3Xed for themselves.

By them sharing unapologetically who they are, it’s calling in people like you who love them and/or buy from them.

Are You Willing to Do This to Stand Out on Social Media?

Are you up not only doing this exercise but to leverage it in a way that allows you to stand out from the masses?

I would love to hear from you!

Come on over to Instagram @freedomdrivensuccess and let me know in the DMs!

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