Every successful launch starts with an amazing sales driver that helps you sell your online course.

What’s a sales driver?

A sales driver is a strategic piece of content that will end with a pitch, leading your audience directly into your paid offer.

(FYI: Similar to an opt-in also being referred to things like “freebie” and “freemium,”  you will hear people use words like “sales mechanism” or “conversion event” instead of a sales driver. They all mean the same thing).

The purpose of a sales driver is to create engagement and momentum that drives sales into your launch.

In this post, I’ll be sharing with you the 3 best sales drivers that I teach my students in Clients to Courses®:

Planning for a stress-free course sales launch

Launch periods are notorious for being non-stop stress rollercoasters. 

In fact, I vividly remember when they felt like they were draining all the energy from me. 

In order to change that, I had to intentionally plan for how I wanted to feel. 

Here are the tools I use to create a feel-good live launch experience, and I hope it helps reduce the live-launch stress for you!

One of the tools I used for creating a sustainable and simple strategy to launching my courses and programs was choosing the right sales driver for me, my audience, and my course. 

The first? A webinar.

Sell Your Course with a Live Webinar.

The most common sales driver is definitely the live webinar.

In fact, you’ve probably joined your fair share of webinars (and now you may be creating one of your own, how meta!).

Some replays may be waiting for you in your inbox as we speak (don’t forget to go watch before those links expire!).

As you may know, a live webinar is a live video workshop or training that will lead your audience into your paid course. 

Typically, webinars last anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour, with time at the end for questions from the audience.

During a live webinar, you can present your content with slides, just your face, or a combination of both.

Because it’s live, the audience that is attending will have access to a chat, where they can type in and engage with your content, ask questions, and give each other feedback.

At the end of the webinar, you’ll pitch your course to the audience and direct them to purchase or learn more by clicking a button to your sales page.

Tips for using a live webinar to sell your course

If you’ll be using a live webinar to launch your online course, then keep in mind that our attention spans are at an all-time low. 

Keep your webinar to no longer than 60 minutes to make sure your audience stays engaged (and that those people that didn’t join live actually watch the replay!). 

One way to make sure you don’t go over time is to practice your webinar out loud. 

See if there are certain parts where you start to lose steam or that may be too wordy.

Pretend people are engaging– even though it’ll sound/look funny, it will help you better prepare for the actual LIVE webinar!

Other things to keep in mind:

  • Provide a worksheet to increase engagement
  • Consider giving bonuses to people who sign up from the webinar
  • Get the tech running smoothly before the live webinar (my favorite webinar tool is the Zoom Webinar Plan!)
  • For accessibility and ease of consumption, provide closed captioning (or a transcript for replays!)
  • Don’t skimp on reminder emails

And remember, your energy is everything on a live webinar– so protect it as such. 

This could mean no calls before your webinar, no social scrolling, and/or having a music hype list (I actually share my hype list in Clients to Courses®!), moving your body, and/or reading through previous testimonials before going live. 

For the 5 steps to creating a successful webinar that sells your course, including how to choose the right topic, what tools you need, and how to outline your webinar, head on over here for all the details!

Sell Your Course with an Email Video Series.

Now, if live engagement is not really your thing…

…or if the idea of being live on video makes your skin crawl, then an email video series is probably better for you!

In an email video campaign, you create/record a series of videos that help your audience solve one problem.

Those videos get sent to your email list and the people that specifically signed up for this campaign, one video per email.

At the end of the series, you pitch your course to your audience, directing them to your course sales page. 

Tips for using an email video series to sell your course

The goal of these emails in the series is to get your audience to watch the video. 


This means that you’ll want to keep these emails short and sweet, with a mix of curiosity that makes them want to watch the video to learn more.

This is not the time to tell long stories in your emails! 

Some more tips to consider:

  • Instead of embedding your videos in the emails, direct your audience to a landing page. Include the videos on the landing page instead! This makes it easier to track engagement 
  • Keep it to one Call-To-Action per video. What do you want them to take away from this and implement?

Although these videos are pre-recorded, you still want your audience to engage with your content!

How can they interact in this series? Is it responding to an email (even if that email goes to your team)? 

Is it sending a DM on social media? Is it sharing something and tagging you? 

Since you won’t be live in this series like with a social media challenge or webinar, you’ll want to think of how you can keep your audience engaged.

Ready to get started creating your email video series? Need the step-by-step for creating an email video series? We’ve got you covered. Check out the 7 Steps to Launching Your Course with an Email Series here!

Sell Your Course with a Facebook Challenge. (Or Instagram!)

Perhaps you actually enjoy live engagement vs pre-recorded, delayed engagement, like with an email series.

Or maybe you don’t want to get bogged down with the tech involved in creating a webinar.

Then the third sales driver, a social media challenge, may be perfect for you!

In a social media challenge, you spend a certain number of days (I recommend no less than 3 and no more than 5) running a live challenge on social media.

As part of this challenge, you host a live video stream from either Facebook or Instagram during which you discuss the ONE main topic of your challenge. 

This main topic is one (yes, only one!) problem that you want to solve for your audience so that the solution can organically lead you into pitching your course at the end of the challenge.

(Notice that the “one topic” theme is the same for all 3 sales drivers? That’s because what you want to do is solve a pressing concern for your audience in a way that helps them and provides value but also naturally directs them into your course!)

Tips for using a social media challenge to sell your course

Social media may be appealing because it’s where everyone is all the time.

But remember that this means that it’s also filled with information that can be distracting. 

To try and avoid this, consider:

1) including prizes or giveaways for participation, 

2) daily emails that align with the daily content on social 

3) adding in a DM strategy to engage with those in the challenge and see where they are and how they’re doing

A personalized touch can go a very long way!

Some additional tips:

  • Leverage live streaming. Even if your content is pre recorded, giving the ability for people to “interact” with you live can be incredibly helpful during a social media challenge.
  • Seed your engagement questions. When looking at your outline for your livestream, add in questions you want to ask your audience to have them engage and be active in the chat/comments!

So you’re sold on a social media challenge? I’ve got just the thing to help! Here are the 6 steps to creating a 5-day challenge that successfully sells your course.

I’ve chosen my sales driver. What’s next?

Now that you’ve chosen your sales driver, be sure to read these step-by-step posts that will help you create it!

But if you’re having a rough time deciding, or you want in-depth, step-by-step support with all of the tools you’ll need to launch your course successfully, then come learn more about Clients to Courses® here!

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