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While strategy is an important piece of the puzzle in business, so are the beliefs you are carrying around with each and every day. Why? Because those beliefs determine your thoughts, and those thoughts determine your actions.

In this episode, we’re going to identify and explore the beliefs that are standing in between you and your next level so that you can shift them to ones that are serving your bigger vision and the actions that need to be taken to get to it.

  • The four categories business owners fall into when it comes to starting something new, and why there is only that will work time and time again.
  • The real reason it’s hard to follow through on a strategy you’ve learned and/or want to take into your business, if your mindset isn’t in the right place to execute it.
  • The rating scale and process I take myself through as soon as I realize there is a belief that has taken root that isn’t supporting me or my vision.
  • A personal belief that stalled my own growth and how I utilized this exact process to get out of my own way and take actions that align with what I truly.
  • Examples of other beliefs that come up for course creators and how to walk yourself through each one.
  • How you can use this process for any area in business in order to get out of your way and move forward towards what you really want.

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