I don’t need to flood you with highlight reels of people who have successfully turned the best of what they offer 1:1 into an online course.

You’ve seen it a million times already, right?

You’ve also tried to do it for yourself because you have experienced, first hand, what it’s like to consistently be trading time for money in your business.

You’ve done your research.
You’ve purchased training or mentorship.
You’ve spent time learning and creating #allthethings.

Yet, despite your best intentions, it’s not going as well or easy as everyone proclaimed it would be.

Which puts you right back on the same “time for money” rollercoaster you were trying to get off of in the first place (except with less money in the account and months of time invested down the drain).

I know I just painted a grim picture. One that could possibly scare those who are thinking about leveraging the power of courses in their own business.

I want to encourage you to keep reading anyway.


Because if you have:

1) launched a course, only to find that you had to go back to 1:1 work due to lackluster sales


2) have been thinking about a course but find yourself feeling overwhelmed with how to make it work for you and your specific business….

Everything I’m about to say applies to you and your future success with an online course.

And that starts with one simple fact.

Only a small percentage of your courses success is a result of the strategy you’re using.

They all work.

In fact, as someone who has not only transformed her own business from 1:1 reliant to freedom driven success with the power of scalable offers, like courses, but has also helped hundreds of women do the same…

I can confidently tell you that no two courses or two launch plans are exactly the same. Which means that the strategies we use are different for each.

However, again, that strategy is still a small percentage.

The rest?


In my How to Turn the Best of What You Offer 1:1 Into a Profitable Online Course  masterclass, I mention the moment my belief was ignited, along with the “omg is this my life?!” result.

However, for the sake of this blog and the work we’re going to do today, I want you to think about this…

If I gave you all the how-to in the world (and yes, we do cover that on that same free masterclass above) BUT you don’t believe that it will work for YOU specifically… how will you show up?

If you’re mapping out your course BUT find yourself also secretly convinced that there’s no way you can make the same kind of income that’s available with 1:1/DFY work… how will you show up?

If you’re promoting your course BUT deep down feel as though your audience is tired of hearing about this topic… how will you show up?

Spoiler alert: You won’t. (Not fully at least.)

And it’s not your fault either. It’s simply human nature.

Our actions (or lack of) are determined by our beliefs.

Which is why we need to address this today so that those beliefs can be unrooted, thus, freeing up the space for the strategy you’re implementing to WORK.

To do that, we’re going to start with a little evaluation. The more honest you are during this, the better.

Evaluating What Holds You Back From Success with Your Online Course

Below, you will find 21 of the most common limiting beliefs that keep people back from implementing the right action and strategy for their course to be successful. 

I want to ask you to do a simple tally in your mind of how many make you say “yes, this is me!”

Ready? Let’s go!

  1. Course creation takes too much time to do successfully. Time which I don’t have to spare.
  2. I can’t realistically earn the same kind of income I do 1:1 with a lower priced option, such as a course.
  3. Only those who are more “known” are successful with their course – and that’s not me.
  4. I can only sell in person, online never works for me.
  5. I don’t have the time to create, promote and/or deliver a course with everything else on my plate right now.
  6. I will lose the connection I have with those who work with me by offering a course.
  7. Live launching is too overwhelming. I don’t want to burn myself out trying to make this work.
  8. I really need the income from my 1:1/DFY work and worry it will dip if I take the time to focus on a course.
  9. I’m not techy enough in order to do everything needed for course creation.
  10. I fear that people won’t get the same kind of results with a course that I can deliver 1:1/DFY.
  11. I see the big course launches online and can’t fathom how I can come close to that without a crazy large team.
  12. I’ve created a course in the past and it didn’t sell as expected. It’s clear courses don’t work for me.
  13. I can create the content for the course but I’m awful when it comes to marketing it.
  14. I don’t have money to dump into paid ads to make my course successful like everyone else does.
  15. I missed the boat on being able to profit from courses because my market is already saturated.
  16. My audience is only looking for 1:1/DFY support.
  17. If I create this course, and it doesn’t work as planned, my current clients won’t think I know what I’m doing.
  18. It takes less time to book a 1:1/DFY client than it does to get a new course member.
  19. If my course isn’t selling/doesn’t sell, it’s a sign that people don’t want what I offer.
  20. If I put in the effort to launch my course and I don’t hit my goals, people will think I’m a fraud.
  21. My clients take up too much of my time to be able to properly focus on creating a course.

Out of those 21, where did you fall? Is there work to do in this area?

I’m going to make an assumption that the answer is yes as we move along with the great news.

That news?

No matter what your score is, there’s a way to turn this belief about courses into your own personal secret weapon.

How? By rewriting it.

How to Use The Power of Positive Proof to Support the Growth of Your Online Course

The fastest way to overcome beliefs that hold you back from success? 

Identifying the positive proof. It’s something I teach at the very beginning of Clients to Courses and something I’m always sharing with women I work with 1:1 in The Collective.

Simply because it works.

Here’s how you can do the same.


Choose the first belief that stood out as a “yes, that’s me!” belief from the above list of 21.

Example: I’m not techy enough in order to do everything needed for course creation.


Challenge that belief with a single question, “Is this belief 100% true?” In other words, if you were standing in front of a jury, you would be able to confidently say that you and/or no other human has ever successfully overcome this.

Example: Has anyone, who doesn’t consider themselves techy, been able to successfully create, and profit from a course?


Who or what is an example that this belief isn’t 100% true? Let’s give that jury proof!

Example: Stephanie went from self-proclaimed “horrible at tech” and having to pay someone every time she wanted to make a change to her program, to moving to a simplified course platform that not only gave her complete tech confidence but also full control in her business.

Need a positive proof example? Feel free to send me a DM on Instagram with the belief that’s been holding you back and I’d be happy to share one with you so you can show that belief it has no place in your mind!


Choose your new, positive belief. Our brain believes whatever WE put into it. So why not put in a positive truth that turns into a new belief FOR our vision vs against it?

Example: When I have the right platforms, services or people for my personality in place, I don’t need to be “tech savvy” to make this work.


Repeat through each of these beliefs, taking one at a time and examining it for what it really is… a lie that holds you back from the incredible potential you have. With each one you successfully flip, you’ll be able to watch as your actions begin to change.

Because, remember, our actions (or lack of) are determined by our beliefs.

Awareness is the Name of the Game (for Course Creation and Life)

As you work through flipping your limiting belief, don’t be surprised if you have to do it more than once, especially in the beginning.

Your flexing a new muscle and that can take time.

Like I always say to the women I work with, it’s not the first thought that counts but the second.

This is where awareness comes in.

Now that you know these limiting beliefs, you can be more aware of when they pop into your mind. This allows you to go through this exercise with yourself, each time, and solidify your new belief.

In time, your brain will take that positive belief to be true.

And that’s when you realize this was all so very worth it.

Want to get into the nitty gritty of a course that isn’t selling as planned? Head on over to this blog for more: My Course Isn’t Selling… What Gives?

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