Is an Online Course Right for Your Business? [Part 2 of 7]


• Profitable courses are the result of informed decisions.

• There is no “one proven way” to sell a course. There is only the way that works best for you, your audience and goals. This will take experimentation to figure out.

Part 1 of 7: The Ultimate Guide: How to Create, Sell and Profit with an Online Course

“I’m just thinking about it…”


Not sure if a course is right for you just yet? You’re in the right spot!

This is a time that bounces back in between excited and completely inundated with ideas.

Ideas about what course to create, how much to put in your course, which course platform to use, pricing, how many modules to include, bonuses, ways to sell… you name it and it’s circling through your head. It’s a lot.

For many, this thought process alone will be enough for them to convince themselves that a course isn’t the right fit for them because it just feels like too much.

And, they would be right, it is absolutely too much to both think of and do at one time.

Have you ever trained for a marathon before?


If so, you know that you do not just go out there and run 26.2 miles on day one of training.

If not, trust me when I say you do not just go out there and run 26.2 miles on day one of training!

You also don’t start buying fancy supplements, tracking watches and custom insoles for your shoes on day one.

You start with where you’re at, get those first miles in, check in with how you feel and invest in what is needed along the way as the distances get longer and your body begins showing it needs different/more support and fuel.

The same goes for creating a course.

Right now, your brain is trying to figure out what to do and expect at mile twelve when you haven’t experienced what it’s like to get to mile three (yet).

When we see courses, and business as a whole, as the marathon it is you understand that success comes from intentionally taking one step at a time, checking in with how you’re feeling about that step and then taking another from there.

Questions to ask to determine if a course is right for you and your business:


What am I looking for more of in my business? Less of?
There are no wrong answers here and we have seen a range of answers here over the years. Your only goal is to answer openly and honestly at this point.

In what way will a course help me get more of what I want and less of what I don’t?
Look at what you wrote above. Does a course make sense for what came up for you? If so, you can pass go and collect your $200 #monopolystyle. If not, this may not be the right time for a course in your business because you’re actually looking for something different right now.

What do I believe a course will do for me, my business and/or my family?
Yes, you are in business to help others (and if you’re here, you’re pretty damn good at it!). However, you matter too and you deserve to also reap the rewards of your work. Is what you’ll be getting out of this worth it for you?

Am I honestly willing to put in the upfront work and/or investments, for the long term reward?
Before you automatically say “yes!” I want you to think about this. All businesses involve work and investments of time, money or both. However, time doesn’t mean 80 hours a week and money doesn’t mean tens of thousands of dollars. It also doesn’t mean 0. There is a middle ground here that we’ll talk about in the next sections.

Decision time! What would you like to do next?


If you read through those questions and found yourself saying “YEPPPP! A course is right for me and my business, let’s keep the party going!”


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