Choose an Online Course Topic that Sells [Part 4 of 7]


• Putting the right foundation in place to succeed with a course isn’t sexy but the pay-off makes it worth it.

• People can’t buy from businesses they don’t know exist. This is the time to start experimenting with content that reflects both your expertise and personal beliefs about the work you do. This will also put you in a great position to start promoting your course.

• A huge list or social media following isn’t a requirement for selling your online course.

Part 3 of 7: What You Need to Succeed with an Online Course

“I’m in! What’s next?!”


Ready to hear something pretty cool?

And by “pretty cool” I mean…. something that completely changed the way I approach course creation in both my own business and the businesses we support here at Profit with Courses?

In a world where there are very few guarantees, there is a way you can guarantee that a course will be worth your time and effort, BEFORE creating a single lesson, module or workbook. 


Preselling your course.

By preselling your course idea, you are validating your course is what your audience wants because they are actually PAYING for it.

“But Jess, people already told me they would buy it if I made it! Why not just make it?”

Have you ever had a client say they were “100000% in” on a call, only to back out or completely when the contract is sent?

Have you ever been that client? The client who really meant it in the moment but ultimately wasn’t able to follow through?

This is why we presell.

The transaction tells the reality of the demand for your course.

By preselling your course, you eliminate:

• Months of wasted time and effort trying to create a course that may or may not be what your audience is willing to pay for.

• Constantly debating which course topic is the right one to focus on, as the sales will quickly tell you this answer before you put in any work.

• Worrying about investing in any new tech tools needed as you’ll now have the revenue in hand, from your presale, to do so.

You also give yourself:

• Built in accountability because you know that if someone has paid you, you’re going to make the time to show up and deliver (just like you do if you currently work with 1:1 or Done For You clients… you find a way!)

• Feedback from your presale buyers/beta students that will allow you to improve the content even further and/or work out any kinks before you put your course to larger audiences.

• Full confidence that moving forward with your course is the best use of your time and energy, because you already know people are excited and ready to dive in and/or getting results.

• Testimonials from your presale buyers/beta students that you can leverage in your live launch.

Now, preselling isn’t a new concept. However, it is one that people loveeeee to push back on. The perfectionism starts to come in and says they can’t possibly presell something they haven’t created yet.

And because we’re being brutally honest here, those are typically the people who come to me months (and in a few cases, a year!) down the line with a course they’ve invested thousands of dollars and countless hours into getting created for it to only be collecting dust on a random backpage of their website because it didn’t work how they thought it would.

Not very profitable, if you ask me!

Do me a favor and save your time and energy by embracing the presale and beta round as a way to validate that your course will sell and generate results.

Questions to ask to determine if your course topic will actually sell:


Have I completed market research, within the past six months, so I can create a course based on my audience’s needs?

Your audience is only going to buy what they believe they need. This is why we want to hear from them directly via market research. When done correctly, the time you take to do market research now will not only tell you the course topic your audience will actually buy but also how to market it to them.

Do I know the one key transformation my audience will receive from my course? Bonus: Is that clear in my messaging and the way I’ve outlined my course?

You are not a generalist. At least, you’re not if you want a highly profitable course in today’s noisy market 😉

Your one key transformation will show in your market research and will allow you to outline the journey from Point A (where they are now) to Point B (where they will be at the end of your course). You’ll also be able to use their own words, from your market research, in your messaging around who your course is for and why it will support them and the result they want.

Have I selected pricing and bonuses that will make the beta round of this course a no-brainer for my audience?

I love rewarding those who are willing to join a course during the presale period special pricing or bonus that will not be available when I live launch the course. It’s a great way to say thank you for trusting in you and the vision for this new course and providing feedback along the way so you can make improvements, as needed.

Have I chosen at least three ways I will let people know about my presale to ensure my audience is willing to buy before I create it?

Your current audience can’t buy a course they don’t know about. Whether it’s private invites to those you know would be a great fit, social media posts, emails to your list or personal reach outs, there are plenty of organic ways to hit your presale goals!

Pitfalls to Avoid at this Stage

Creating your course content (lessons, workbooks, etc.) before it has sold yet.

Your presale buyers don’t care that the course isn’t ready at purchase (thus, the presale!). They simply want to know when to expect the content to be delivered.

Ignoring the people right in front of you by looking for “other” or “more” people to sell to before… selling.

How big does your audience need to be to presell your course? As big as the one in front of you today! The goal here is to validate that the course both sells and delivers results, not that you can make six or seven figures with it on day one.

Going into full live launch mode to sell your course.

Whether it’s a challenge, webinar, or video series, live launches are work to both prep for and execute. This is why you’ll want to make sure you have a course you know is capable of both generating sales and results before taking that on. (Pssst! We’ll talk more about this on the next page).

Your Next Step Forward

If you’re reading the above questions and realizing that you need support with how to effectively choose and presell your course idea, the Presell + Profit Method has your name all over it!

If you read through these questions and found yourself saying, “check, check, check!” let’s move on.


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