I have no doubt that you have heard the quote, “you are the sum of the five people that you spend the most time with.”

Not only is it true, but it applies to BOTH life and business.

That’s also why we need to be aware of who shouldn’t be in your inner circle as you scale.

#1 The Debbie Downer

First up is the Debbie Downer.

This is the person that is also in business and taking action like you are.

Unfortunately, they have chosen to burn the candle at both ends too long that they have become jaded by all of it. Which means that anytime you share an idea, their default response is to shut it down or find a way to poke a hole into it.

Webinars never work…”
“Challenges never work…”
“Emails don’t work…”

No matter what you throw out there, they’re going to tell you how it won’t work, because they’ve tried it and it didn’t work for them, or they know someone and it didn’t work for them.

As much as they mean well and they’re trying to help you they can’t see objectively anymore.

They have gotten to a period in their business where for some reason, they are negative about it and can’t see beyond that. They can’t see the potential. They can’t see the power of testing anymore. They’re blocked off from that.

These are people that need to do a lot of work within themselves.

This is not your job to take on and this is not something that you need to be bringing into your own business.

#2 The Talker

Number two is the talker.

This is the person that is in business as well and has big dreams that they want to achieve.

But they’re not actually doing anything about it.

Every time you talk to them they are saying “here’s what I learned, here’s what I’m seeing, here’s what I heard”… but nothing about what they are doing.

Why? Because they most likely have a lot of excuses. Which means that when you are surrounding yourself by the talker, they will also let you have your excuses.

They will not call you out on what you’re doing, because they don’t call themselves.

How can they encourage you to show up when they don’t show up themselves? They can’t.

What’s also important to add is the fact that anything they are sharing into your business is simply theory.

You don’t need theory at this point. You need to know what people have tried, what’s working, what’s not and piecing it together and finding out what works best for you.

The talker can only share theory with you and you are beyond the point of needing any more theory.

#3 The Complacent

Lastly, number three is the complacent.

Now, this is a very hard one, because this person is not negative or lacking action.

This person has been taking action and has has probably been with you for quite a period of time in your business, rallying you on, cheering for you, supporting you and being there for you.

However, they have hit a point where they’re all right with where they are. They’re actions are now showing that they are not looking to grow any further. They’re not looking to scale. They have found their comfort spot or their sweet spot and they’re just kind of staying in there.

In that case, they aren’t the person that’s going to push you to the next level, because they’re not doing that themselves.

They are showing by their actions that they’re complacent with where they’re at. So, it’s up to you to honor that. You can’t drive somebody who isn’t driven.

This is where it becomes vital to continue to support them where they are at. Don’t try to pull the rope for them, but instead understand that this is a time where you need different people to speak into your business that are going to help push you to that next level, because you are looking to grow. You are looking to scale.

Did Someone Come to Mind for You?

Is there somebody who came to mind when I mentioned these?

This could be the Debbie Downer, the talker or the complacent.

If that’s the case then here’s what I want you to do… love them from afar.

These are people that have been a part of your journey and will most likely continue to be a part of your journey.

However, they are not the ones that are going to be able to speak into your business anymore.

You need to get yourself around people who are heading in the same direction and/or mentors that have already been there and get your business circle to something that helps you to accelerate your success.

Remember we all rise together. So, you want to be around other people who are rising as well.

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