The #1 Truth Behind Sales Funnels that Convert

There’s no doubt about it, a sales funnel sounds sexy as all heck in the online space.

I’m sure you’ve even heard any series of the below statements made about sales funnels along your entrepreneurial journey…

Funnels give you a continuous stream of ready to buy ideal clients!
Funnels allow you to actually live more while working less!
Funnels provide the ability to put in the work in the short term, with zero cap on the rewards in the long term!
Funnels bring you sales on autopilotttttt!

While these sales funnel claims to fame can absolutely be true, so is the following fact.

Not every business is ready for a sales funnel (yet).

I know, I know, not what everyone wants to hear but I believe if you’re going to put in the work of leveraging funnels in your business, it should be worth it for you.

This means you’ll need to have a few things in in place in your business so that you can best maximize your sales funnels and make them an insanely profitable piece of your business.

Now, you very well may be at a point in your business where a sales funnel is the missing link to you scaling your efforts right now and this is only going to confirm that you have everything you need to get the ball rolling. (And if so, you can jump right on over to the FREE Ultimate Course Funnel Template so we can get things moving!)

However, if you’re not at this point yet, I hope I can save you a ton of time and frustration so that when these things are in place, you can get your sales funnels up and running with ease.

Sound like a win, win for all?


Let’s take a little stroll through the four ways to know if you’re ready to focus your time and energy on highly-converting sales funnels in your coaching business!


If you’ve been in business awhile, you already know all about the power of niching down around your ideal client.

When it comes to a sales funnel, it’s even more important to own whom you specifically serve and how you serve them.


Here’s the secret to anything sales related in your business… it’s not actually about the sale at all. It’s about truly connecting with the people who are already looking for what you have and need the exact solution you offer.

And that’s NOT everyone.

You see, when you are trying to cater to the masses, you are forced to use vague wording and messaging that doesn’t strike connection one way or the other.

No connection = no sales.

However, when you double down on your ideal clients, everything from your opt-in (which will bring them directly into your sales funnel) all the way to how you present your paid offer in that same sales funnel is in full alignment with them.

What happens when someone is in full alignment with your message and they can’t help but read it while saying “OMG me too! That’s exactly what I say!”.

They buy.


I serve women who are ready to break free from a 1:1/DFY reliant business model and scale their online business in a way that truly serves their life (instead of a life that runs to serve their business).

The women I work with aren’t new to business but are stuck in all the “doing” for the past year few years, that is only increasing their frustration instead of their bottom line. They’re at a point where they need strategy that’s customized to their current business and goals vs a cookie cutter mold of someone else’s way of doing things.

Since those I serve are in a specific stage of business, I can easily use words/phrases like sustainable, scaling, sales funnels, increasing traffic, passive income and/or leveraging your efforts.

I can share what it feels like to have others think you’re on top of the world but a failure inside. Or how you feel pressured by booked out 1:1 client lists because what you actually want is freedom. Or how what you earn in business is not as important as how much you keep. Or the insanity that’s being sold online these days as “vulnerable truths.”

If this is you, you’re most likely yelling “YESSSSS” just reading those words.

Why? Because it speaks to YOU and where YOU’RE at.

This also means that this messaging deters those who are new in business away from my brand because they want to be around those who are talking about booking first clients, getting starting on social media and how to find what you’re good at. 

Sure, I could teach all of that if I wanted but I’m not here for everyone.

I’m here for my ideal clients and that means everything I put out is catered to them.

Highly converting sales funnels don’t go to generalists. They go to specialists.

If I’m looking for a health coach, I want one that works with vegetarians so they understand my needs.
When I’m looking for a VA, I want one who works with online businesses.
Heck, when I’m looking for good Mexican food, I’m going to a Mexican restaurant.

If you think about it, you do the same when you make decisions. We all do.

When you look at your business as it is today, is it clear who it is you’re speaking to?

If not, it’s time to take a deep dive in this area first to make your entire sales funnel process easier and more effective.

If so, you’ve passed step 1!

Let’s move onto step 2…


Everyone LOVESSSS to skip over this one.

I believe, in part, because there’s a fear of sales going on and sales funnels are mistakenly used as a way to avoid that fear.

I want you to pretend for a second that I’m your BFF trying to get you not to go back to that crappy ex-boyfriend as I shake your shoulders and say….. when sales funnels are used in this way, they don’t work. 

A sales funnel is used to accelerate and scale your current results.

So if you are not seeing any sales from your offer and we decide to 3X that… what are we left with?

$0 x 3 = $0

Whomp whomp. No bueno.

The truth us, if you are not converting your paid offer organically with those who already know, like and trust you, expecting your funnel to convert with a cold audience will be heck of an uphill (and potentially costly if you’re relying on paid traffic as well) battle.

Simply put, you’re trying to fix the wrong bottleneck in your business and need to come back to sales funnel building once you know your offer is converting.

On the other hand, if your offer has been converting organically already and you’re seeing your ideal clients coming through from it, you now know that people not only want what you have, but are willing to pay for it (and yes, there’s a difference between the two).

Well done! You can skip right on over to #3 on the list.


In May of 2017 I launched the Achievers Circle membership community for women who are looking to scale their businesses and know the power of having the strategy, systems and support in place in order to do so.

By this point, I was already leveraging funnels in my business for a few years, however; this was a NEW offer. As much as I believed in the offer and felt it was going to fill a huge gap in the marketplace, I had no idea if others would feel the same way.

This meant I needed to get out and sell it organically first. I did this by….

1. Putting together a free 5 day challenge (called the Six Figure Scale Up Formula) that directly spoke to those who this offer would be good for.
2. Invited those on my list and social, along with creating a few retargeting ads of my existing audiences.
3. Focused on content delivery and connection throughout the challenge.
4. Opened the doors to the Achievers Circle and included some awesome bonuses for the founding members.

Here’s a quick peek into the promotion for that initial 5 day challenge:


When the women started to join, I was able to see that this was not only an offer that can convert but one I enjoyed putting out into the world. I was able to dive in with the founding members, see how I could serve them best and create the foundation for an incredible community.

Even better, I could specifically ask what attracted them to this offer in the first place and use that in my future promotions.

Putting together a sales funnel, like I show you in the FREE Ultimate Course Funnel Template becomes easy with all of this knowledge at your fingertips because you can’t help but be crystal clear on your messaging and approach in bringing in new ideal clients.

However, when you don’t know what’s going on with the offer itself and why people who already know, like and trust you aren’t buying, it becomes close to impossible to figure out which piece of your sales funnel needs to be tweaked. 

So let’s make a promise here to set yourself up for success with the offers in your sales funnel buy making sure they are already producing an income for you.


Ohhhh this is one of my faves right here!

There’s no hiding the fact that sales funnels can be a game changer in your business for consistent cash flow.

However, we can’t create that consistent cash flow with a sales funnel if we don’t have a plan for consistent traffic.

For the love of everything I can possibly think of, please don’t disservice all the email writing, sales page creating and tech connecting that goes on in creating your funnel by not sharing it with the world.

“If you build it they will come” does not work here.

Visibility does though.


Let’s start with the end goal here… BUYERS.

BUYERS: People who absolutely connect with you and what you’re offering (and can’t wait to get their hands on it).

In order for us to have a steady stream of BUYERS, we need to have LEADS.

LEADS: People who are showing interest in what we’re putting out to the world and want to learn more about how it can help solve their pain point.

In order for us to have a steady stream of LEADS, we need….

:: drumrolls on keyboard :::


This traffic comes from your visibility and the content that you are putting out into the world that speaks directly to your ideal clients to drive traffic and the initial connection.

This is the stage that is ongoing when it comes to your sales funnel and key for having your ideal clients experience all of the awesome that you have going on in your funnel to begin with.

Think about it this way… if you have an amazing sales funnel on the backend with different connection and sale points BUT no one is actually seeing it, how can they buy?

They can’t.

This is why your attention to driving consistent traffic (either free or paid) is vital to your sales funnel getting in front of your ideal clients.

The good news?

There are endless ways to get visible in the online space these days in order to drive traffic to your sales funnels.

Live streams.
Blog posts.
Social shares.

Here’s a few resources to help with your visibility:
5 Steps to Mastering Your Next Podcast or Blog Pitch
How to Increase Visibility with Your Email List
How to Leverage Facebook Ads w/ Amanda Bond

The extra good news?

You don’t have to do everything in order to drive traffic to your funnel. In fact, doubling down on the 1-2 visibility points that you enjoy the most and can be done consistently is what will really get the ball moving.


I’m a podcast junkie, through and through. And because I love podcasting, that means I’ll be consistent with it.

This is why we focus large percentage of my visibility and traffic efforts on the #daydreamachievers Podcast which gives me the opportunity to direct listeners to download special freebies, like my FREE Ultimate Course Funnel Template, which drives traffic to my website.

This is done every week through both the podcast episode itself, as well as the video version we put out on social media so I can continue to attract my ideal clients who are looking for what I provide.

Here’s an example what it looks like over on Facebook when I’m driving traffic back here



Ok, this may not be the most fun for 92.7% of people reading this (and yes, I made that statistic up and included myself in it) but the truth of it is you have to know your numbers in order to know…

1. If your sales funnel is profitable (and if not, where the leaks are).


2. Where to make tweaks in order to increase your conversions.

If you’re running paid traffic to your sales funnel, this is even more important so you know if it’s worth running certain ads or not.

We check our numbers after every 200 leads.

This allows us to make sure that we have had enough leads into the funnel to see where we really stand vs making decisions based on an insufficient number of people and “throwing the baby out with the bathwater” so to speak.

This is why having a plan for your traffic (point #3) matters so you can have a consistent flow of people coming in. If people aren’t constantly coming in, it becomes difficult to see what’s really working and not working for your sales funnels.

The top three numbers we track and pay attention to in a sales funnel?

Open rates, click rates and buyers.

If we see that any of these numbers aren’t matching what we’re looking for, this tells us to go ahead and make changes.

If it’s open rates, we’re paying attention to subject line tweaks.
If it’s click rates, we’re looking at where are links are and how we’re wording our emails.
If it’s buyers, we’re examining the urgency and copy.

(Here’s a podcast episode I did on these three numbers as well: The Only 3 Metrics To Pay Attention To When Building Your List.

However, if we weren’t tracking the numbers within our funnels, and weren’t seeing the end result we wanted, we would have no idea what to go ahead and change.


As of writing this, we’re are in the testing process of a shiny new sales funnel.

I’m talking, so new that 10 people have signed up for the opt-in, 3 people have purchased the tripwire and no one has made it to the core offer yet kind of new but I want to add this here anyway so I can come in and update it on the blog later for you guys. 

What’s the first thing we do when a funnel is getting out into the world? Our tracking document.

Nothing over complicated and right in Google Forms, this document allows the team to go in and update what sales look like through each piece of the funnel so that we can see what parts are working and which parts aren’t.

Here’s an example of my tracking document with placeholder numbers:


(NOTE: If you’re a member of the Achievers Circle, this calculator is located in the Passive Income Blueprint program for you!)

Simply put, we need to know our numbers throughout the scaling of this sales funnel.

This is the first step for us in seeing what our sales funnels look like and then, based on these numbers, we can dive into the next levels of open and click rates.

THIS is the secret sauce that most of us don’t enjoy but if you want to be earning more money, you need to get comfortable with tracking it.

Profitable businesses are the new black.


As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, my intention is to have this work two ways for you….

You were able to say “yes!” to all the four points and can start creating some amazing sales funnels that allow you to get your message and offers out there in a bigger way. This is where we start to make business work for you by scaling your income in a way that doesn’t trade time for money!


You were NOT able to say “yes!” to all four points and now you can save yourself time and energy by focusing on the areas in your business that need the most attention right now. This will not only increase your current sales but make it so that when you do dive into funnels, they are converting in a way you feel good about!

See, I promised it would be a win for either side. 🙂

I’d love to hear from YOU in the comments below, where do you fall when it comes to sales funnels within your business?