Selling Your Online Course with a Live Launch [Part 6 of 7]


• More content doesn’t make your course more valuable.Efficiently  getting your buyers from Point A to Point B is.

• When creating your content, pay attention to what has already shown to work for you for other types of content creation and leverage it here as well (e.g. time of day, environment, etc.)

•  There is no perfect course. Courses will evolve and improve over time, based on the feedback from your audience, market changes and your own growth.

Part 5 of 7: How to Easily Create Your Online Course Content

“Let’s launch this to the moooon!”


If you’re here right now, you have said YES to four things so far:

• A course is right for you and your business.

You have the right foundations in place to move forward with a course.

Your course has been validated with sales.

• Your course has been created and is ready to get out to more people who need it.

All four put you in a prime position to live launch your course.

How so?

A live launch can be incredibly profitable for your business. It also takes work. And while there are no guarantees around how any one launch will go, I’m sure we can both agree that you want to put yourself in the best possible position to succeed.

By having these four things in place, before live launching, that’s exactly what you’re doing.

You’re making an informed decision to live launch because:

• You know that a course is right for you and your business and you want to now amplify the sales of it because the work is worth it to you.

• You know (and are excited about) who you serve, the work you do and already show up for both.

• You know people not only want your course but have already paid for it and have experienced results. Both of which you can now leverage in your live launch!

After working with countless businesses over the years, I will tell you that a live launch will amplify what’s working or amplify what’s not.

If you aren’t sure a course is for you, you’re going to bring that energy into your launch and everything is going to feel like an uphill climb. If you struggle to show up consistently for the audience you have in front of you right now, expecting yourself to now show up for a live launch is a losing battle. If you have no idea if your course will sell or if people will get results, you’re going to be playing a constant game of “what if” whack a mole in your mind because you have no idea if any of the work you’ve put in is going to be worth the time you’re giving a live launch.

This is why we covered those three areas before getting here so that what’s being amplified is clarity, consistency, excitement and sales versus confusion, instability, frustration and fear of the unknown.

So when you hear me talk about the client who had a $71k launch, following a $27k presale with an audience of less than 2,000 or the client who had her first $100k live launch with only $5k in expenses… the reality is that it was the result of them having the first three pieces of the puzzle in place before going into that launch.

I can’t say it enough… those three steps matter.

Now that we covered that, let’s get into live launching!

In short, a live launch is a set period of time where you are focused on the singular goal of driving sales to your course.

This typically will happen through a webinar, challenge, email series, workshop or summit (all of which I’m sure you’ve experienced on the consumer side by now) and will consist of the following phases:

The Five Stages Live Launching

Phase 1: Launch Runway/Audience Prep

This is the 30-60 days before you promote your sales driver where you are building your list and providing relevant content that engages and builds trust with your audience.

Phase 2: Launch Sales Driver Promotion + Delivery

This could be a webinar, email sequence, challenge, workshop, summit, etc that you will use to deliver value to your audience and pitch your course at the end of.

Phase 3: Open Cart

This is when people can start purchasing your course and it is announced during your sales driver, along with any special bonuses they will get for taking action early.

Phase 4: Cart Close

This is the last day people can purchase your course and helps to drive urgency. (We’ll talk about evergreen on the next page.

Phase 5: Post Launch Brief

This happens within the week after your car closes and allows you to review your launch to see what worked and what didn’t so you can make changes that will support higher conversions next time. This is also when you get to hear from those who purchased as well as those who didn’t, which is PRICELESS to have for future decisions and messaging!

Questions to ask to determine the best way to live launch your course:


What are my launch goals and do I have the audience size to reach them?

Let’s say you want 30 people to purchase your course during this launch. Great! Do you know how many people you need to get your sales driver in front of? This math can make all the difference in setting expectations that are rooted in reality.

In fact, let’s run that number right now. 30 sales for a course with a $497 price point will generate $14,910. Not too shabby! Ok, now how many leads do you need in order to get that rate? We’re going to use a 4% conversion rate here. At a 4% live launch conversion rate, you’ll need 750 leads signed up for your sales driver for those 30 sales. Is that possible for you, based on your current audience and/or resources available? Based on that answer, do you want raise the goal? Lower it?

How will I grow and/or nurture my audience before promoting my sales driver?

You don’t need a large audience to presell your course (discussed here). You also don’t need a large audience to launch, unless the goals you’ve set above show that you do.

If you need to grow your audience more in order to hit the goals you’ve set, this is when you create the 30-60 day plan to do so with an opt-in specific to your course and content that nurtures your audience in preparation for your sales driver. If you don’t need to, this is the time to still create an opt-in specific to your course and content that nurtures your audience in preparation for your sales driver.

What launch sales driver works best for me and my audience? (Webinar, challenge, video series, workshop, etc.)
You’ll see a lot of messaging around how one type of sales driver is better than the others. The truth is, they all work as long as they are choosing based on 1) how you show up and deliver best and 2) how your audience consumes content.

For example, if you know that your energy or schedule is limited, having multiple days where you need to show up live for a challenge and engage with the community daily isn’t going to be a fit for you and you’d do better with a webinar. If your audience is incredibly busy, asking them for three uninterrupted hours for workshop during working hours could be a struggle but they could consume the content in small digestible bits with a challenge or a video series.

Pitfalls to Avoid at this Stage

Not validating the course (with sales and results) before launching.

If you don’t already know that people are willing to buy, and enjoying your course, taking on a live launch can quickly shift from an exciting way to bring a surge of sales to an emotional rollercoaster full of unknowns. Some people run a few beta rounds before taking on a full live launch and that’s ok!

Trying to replicate the live launch of someone with a bigger team, budget and resources.

Master the basics of live launching before adding on any bells and whistles that will take additional work and/or money on your part (e.g. over complicated automations, messenger bots, paid ads, etc.). These are things you can grow into as your team, budget and resources expand.

All work and no play.

Business should work within your life, not take over it and live launching is no different. If you put yourself in a position where you are a walking launch bot with no time for yourself or things that make you happy, it will absolutely show in your launch and/or how you feel about launching.

Your Next Step Forward

Want to simplify the way you live launch so that it’s something that isn’t just profitable but also enjoyable? Check out what we have available in the shop in our Launch Your Course category!

If you read through these questions and found yourself saying, “I’m all set with launching and ready to automate my sales!” let’s head to our final step.


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