Have you ever wondered if you’re “too late” to the course game? Or maybe thought that there’s already too many courses in your space that no one will buy another?

If so, this episode is for you because we need to talk about it and the opportunity that’s in front of you!


  • What a “saturated market” actually means for your business.
  • How the past two years and how it has shifted buying habits.
  • The one thing everyone avoids doing that actually simplifies the creation, marketing AND sales of your course in the process.
  • How to create your course in a way that honors what your audience actually needs to both increase completion rates and results (psssst, it’s NOT adding more to your course).
  • Where the ball gets dropped on most courses and how you can leverage it to not only make your course stand out in the market but create an unforgettable experience that creates natural word of mouth that sells your course for you.
  • How you can find the balance between automation and connection so that your course can be both scalable for you and impactful for your buyers.

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